Short Legs, Long Torso

One of the first things I learned about my body as I started this search for style is that I have a long torso and relatively short legs. Well, I’ve actually always known this, but didn’t know what it meant in terms of fashion or dressing for my body type. I’m starting to see that certain outfits elongate my legs and others make me look short and squat.


This outfit, for example, makes my torso look out of proportion to my legs.

think it’s the low rise jeans and the shirt tucked in… Actually, that’s another problem: the shirt isn’t exactly tucked in. It’s tucked in the front and out in the back, the way all the models are wearing their shirts these days. Well, guess what, Jen? Sorry, but the way things look on models are NOT the way things look on me (hence one of the reasons for this blog).

anyway, I think this look is better with skinny jeans:


Shirt is still tucked in but the waist if the jeans is higher. Also, maybe the longish necklace makes my torso look shorter? I don’t know…

Your thoughts?

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