Am I Trying to Look Like ‘Barbie?’

Is it totally arrogant and self-centered to publish a blog with pictures of myself? I hope not. I haven’t admitted anything about this to my husband, who thinks my fashion obsession is getting out of hand. When I explained why I liked an outfit so much one day, he interrupted me to say, “Honey, you look great. But I’m not a girl.” And my daughter thinks I weird. Or at least she did when I started. Recently she called me “all thin and pretty now,” so maybe she’s becoming more accepting of my new look. Plus, she likes to borrow my clothes.

Anyway, my reasoning for the blog is two-fold (as I mention in my “about” page).

1. For myself: I want to see what works and what doesn’t in my own style choices. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just by looking in a mirror if an outfit is flattering. Also, I’m still exploring/learning what I like. Keeping track of what I wear will help me look back to see the outfits I chose that I loved, those that were just okay, those that I should never, ever wear again…

2. For others: I have heard from so many friends that at this stage in their lives (mid-forties) they — like me — are suddenly feeling the need to change/update the way they look. The kids need us less and we have more time to focus on ourselves. We no longer need to wear sweats to crawl around following the toddlers. We have time to change out of our gym clothes after a workout rather than going straight into errands, playdates, school events… But it is difficult to find pictures of women our age in stylish clothes online. They’re all models, and young! What looks good on middle-aged women? Can we wear some of the styles the youngsters are wearing, or do we look ridiculous? I’ve heard different opinions: wear what you want and you’ll look great if you wear it with confidence and grace… or, wear age-appropriate clothes that are more subtle, lighter colors, no ripped jeans or cutoff shorts. I prefer the first theory and plan to test it.

For example, in this outfit (see below), I’m wearing a Free People (definitely a young women’s brand) tunic-style lace tank top under the sweater. When my best-friend/sister-in-law saw me in this shirt, she laughed. Did I look like I was trying to be too young? Ridiculous? (To be fair, she laughs at me all the time, so I didn’t take it personally, or… just a little personally.) She and my other best friend started calling me “Barbie.” I don’t know if that was a good or a bad thing. (By the way, I’m working on getting higher quality photos.)


Anyway, if you find this blog self-satisfied and smug, or think that posting pics of myself is juvenile and self-centered, no hard feelings. Find another fashion blog and have fun. If this is at all useful, I’d love to know your thoughts!

1 thought on “Am I Trying to Look Like ‘Barbie?’

  1. Deanna

    I love your sweet daughter. ‘All thin and pretty’. You didn’t tell me she said that. The kids seemed to have adjusted pretty quick to your new self care and it’s quite a compliment that she wants to borrow them! Forget those who laugh or tease. Some tease just for fun, others out of jealousy and some just need time to adjust to your personal growth. I’d love to help with the pictures. It’s one of my favorite things to do. And you really need better photos. I think I love this outfit but I can’t see it enough to tell.



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