My Daughter Says Don’t Wear This…

Image 1I like the look of these bright spring colors: hot pink and sherbert green. Plus, the pants were on sale for $15 at Banana Republic! Who could resist? Also, I think the vest, which hits just above my waist, shortens the look of my torso and makes my legs look longer (see more about that here). But here’s how my conversation with Lizzie (13 years old) went:

Liz: Wow. Those pants are pink.

Me: Nice and springy, aren’t they?

Liz: Why are you wearing that shirt with it?

Me: What shirt would you recommend?

Liz: White. Or cream. Or just not wear those pants.

H’mm. Was I too adventurous? You can’t see it in the picture, but my toes are robin’s egg blue. Do I look like an Easter egg?

1 thought on “My Daughter Says Don’t Wear This…

  1. Deanna

    I ❤️these pants! I’m so impressed with how great your legs are. I think I need to see this outfit in person to decide wether I like the shirt with it or not. I’m seeing where your going with color on color but I have a feeling it’s the wrong value of blue. It’s ok but with those gorgeous pant you need a ‘wow’ shirt. I think I like the jacket too. Bravo on going out of your comfort zone with the pants! They look amazing!!!



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