The Jacket Makes the Outfit. And Rabbits Are Stylish, Too


free people shirt leather jacket


Last night I was sitting on the couch having a margarita and hanging out with the kids – I was actually working on this post until Lizzie grabbed my iPad and started searching keywords like “vicious casowaries” and “how to keep children as a pet” – when I got a text from a friend: “You’re going to book club, right?” Whoops, I had totally forgotten, so I wrote back saying I was hanging out on the couch and it had slipped my mind. She didn’t give me a choice, just wrote back saying, “I’ll pick you up in five minutes.” So off I went, in the above outfit (which I was already wearing, I didn’t even have time to change…)

Book club was fun, by the way. We were discussing three books: The Light between Oceans (good, but sad), The Invention of Wings (loved it), and The Night Guest (loved it, but also sad).

Anyway, about the above: I love the Free People brand (my shirt). Nine items out of ten are too young (ie, too tight, too short, too revealing) but some are funky and fun and age appropriate (I think), and I love them. The jacket is Trouve, and I think it pulls the whole outfit together. The jeans are just Levi’s, and the boots are Ralph Lauren.

My fashion friend Liz, at Nordstrom, convinced me to buy the jacket, even though it was $300, because she said I needed a few “investment” pieces that will last forever. (These included a pair of Cole Haan heels and a couple of good pairs of jeans, as well). And yes, Liz gets a commission, but she is never pushy…

My friend Lauren suggested I include close-ups of some of the items, along with prices and where to find them. (Incidentally, Lauren is the one who inspired me to get tall brown boots. She wears them with jeans a lot, and looks totally awesome. Her boots are cuter than mine; the buckle is at the top, which for some reason makes all the difference).

free people green top closeup

Here’s the shirt, $68 at Free People. Nordstrom had it on sale for forty-something, but I don’t see it on their site anymore. Can’t find the jacket on anymore either, but someone is selling it on eBay (new with tags) for $198. It’s gorgeous.

trouve leather jacket

Also, did you know rabbits have great style, too? Check out my beautiful boy bunny, Benny. See how his coat shines? See how stylish his brown fur looks against the red chair? See how he’s standing up so tall and straight?


1 thought on “The Jacket Makes the Outfit. And Rabbits Are Stylish, Too

  1. Trooper

    I love your blog Jen. Thanks for the shout out and I’m really enjoying the details — pics, links to clothes — It makes it so usable! I might pick up a couple of those BP t-shirts!



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