Monthly Archives: May 2014

Meet Nordstrom Liz

Darn, I had to take Michael to the Apple Store today, and the closest one is at the mall where Nordstrom Liz works. It was a bummer, but I tried to deal with it gracefully. After Michael took his broken ipod (the jack was broken, and even though he had dropped it and the screen was cracked, and it was eight months old, they gave him a brand new one), I went and met with Liz.
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And Now My Toes Look All F***ed Up…

Two days ago Mean Pinterest Girl got me down (but only for a little while, and then your outpouring of love and encouragement here and on Facebook boosted me up again), and then day before yesterday my toenail fell off, making it a little awkward to show my feet — and just when sandal weather has finally arrived! Oh well, not a big deal, except I have to wear comfy shoes for awhile, like these:


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Mean Pinterest Girl

WELL! I knew this would happen at some point if I kept posting pictures of myself, but I still got my feelings hurt: someone on Pinterest repinned a picture of one of my outfits on a board titled, “Bad Fashion.” I was hoping the term “bad,” meant as in, “yeah, you rock that outfit, bitch,” but no. It actually meant bad.
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Mixing Patterns: Yes or No?

It seems this year the big rage (in the magazines, anyway, I don’t know about real people) is mixing patterns. I’ve seen black and white striped skirts with shirts that have giant red polka dots, plaid mixed with leopard, two different flower prints, multiple geometric prints, you name it.


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Who Do You Dress up For?

I heard recently that women take care with their appearance for other women more than anything else. Does that mean because they want to impress other women? Or they don’t want other women to look down on them? Or is it a sisterhood kind of thing, as in, let’s-show-the-world-how-nice-we-can-look?

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Lace Shorts at Last! (I Look Like a Gladiator)

Happy Saturday, friends. At last it’s warm enough (sort of) for my new Free People lace shorts. I love them! I added a belt and some gladiator sandals ($29.99 from Target). With the sandals and the scalloped bottom of the shorts, don’t I look like an actual gladiator? I should have grabbed one of the kids’ swords.

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