My Mother’s Day List: $300 Paul Green Shoes (Please, Honey?)

Okay, so I’m in shoe-mode. It’s Angel’s fault, she sent me a pic of her awesome new shoes and I need a pair. Forgot to ask her the brand and where she got them. Angel, please fill us in!

angel's shoes

The Paul Green “Passion Booties” I want/lust for/must have (Paul, are you reading):

paul green passion bootie

These don’t look as awesome in the picture as they are on the foot. They have a bit of sparkle to them, and they hug the foot in the sexiest way. Also, they are SUPER comfortable. Really. If I ever get these, I’ll post a picture of them on.

These are the shoes (below) I talked about in my post earlier. Doubt you can find them anymore because I got them several years ago. I didn’t feel like taking a selfie today, so you’re seeing the outfit in pieces.

shoes with black flowershoe with black flower on foot

Your thoughts?

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