Lace Skirt and Lawn Mowers (Only Peripherally Related)

I had an interesting talk with a friend about women and our bodies earlier this week. I was fretting again that posting pictures of my daily outfits is narcissistic. She was pointing out that in our society, the media, etc., we are conditioned to want to be thin, pretty, stylish, young. And yet we are not supposed to show the effort involved. We’re not supposed to be vain, and it’s supposed to look effortless. They’re conflicting messages. I think she had a good point. And if I think about it too much, it will scramble my brain, so I’m going to stop worrying about the whole narcissist thing and just have fun with my fashion journey.

Here’s today’s outfit. Yay! I got to wear my new lace skirt. Spring is here (at least for today). You know how I know it has officially arrived? All the lawn mowers are out in force.

lace skirt, blue tshirt, beige and navy sandals

The shoes are Ralph Lauren (old), skirt is Anne Taylor, T-shirt is BP (these are the softest T-shirts in the world, they drape beautifully, and they’re cheap: $18, or two for $28, and I recommend buying a bunch of ’em).

Speaking of friends (well, I was at the beginning of the post before I got sidetracked) here are pics of my stylish friend, Leslie. I love how she paired two contrasting patterns on her scarf and shirt. And the shoes are great — professional, but the little peek of painted toenails out the front of the shoe gives them flare. And God, she has drop dead legs!

leslie shirt and scarfleslie lower halfleslie, contrasting patterns with shirt and scarf

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