Self-tanning Experiment: Epic Fail

Aargh! I hate writing posts on my iPad. I just wrote a nice long one about my family’s day trip to the lake, my straw cowboy hat, and my spray tan mishap and somehow lost it all. I’ll summarize: been experimenting sort of unsuccessful with spray tan. The color is great, but it’s really hard to get it even and smooth with no streaks. In fact, my kids say I overdid it and Paul says I look like a burn victim. He keeps asking me when my next skin graft is. Even I have to admit that I look a little, well, patchworked…





I think I’ll stick with my self tanning lotion, Jurgen’s Natural Glow. I don’t look exactly tan with it, but I don’t look fishy white, at least.

2 thoughts on “Self-tanning Experiment: Epic Fail

  1. jennifernastu Post author

    Oh, well. The lotion works pretty well. And I bought the next darker kind, so maybe it will work a little better without being too obvious that it’s fake. Thanks for the idea of lemon juice and salt. I’ll have to try that for around my ankles!


  2. Deanna

    Yep. We’re too white for spry tans I think. I’ve never gotten it to work. Patches that are too dark and lines. It’s so bad. You can use lemon juice and salt to scrub it off a bit faster if it’s bad. The lotion isn’t as dark which is good and bad. What is a white girl to do?



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