I Love this Reversible Dress! So I Bought Two…

Though I really don’t want to complain about my body, it just doesn’t seem fair that after losing 60 pounds, I still wear a D cup. They just get in the way! And I feel like my clothes would hang more sleekly if I was even one cup size smaller. Oh, well, I am not shaped like a model and am happy with my body, particularly now that I have fun and pretty clothes to put on it!

This dress is from GoLite ($39, on sale from $100), which has great stuff for travel and outdoor adventures. I love the dress because of its breezy, flowing skirt, it’s super light and cool, and also -surprise! – it’s reversible! One side is lightish blue, the other a darker, more brooding blue (I’m wearing it on the light blue side). I have the same dress with black on one side and green on the other.


Im also wearing the denim blazer that I talked about in an earlier post. I’m on my iPad again, and can’t get the cursor to move back to the previous sentence to add the apostrophe in “I’m”, so it will have to stay un-punctuated. Which reminds me: yesterday, Michael read my previous post where I wrote that I lost what I had written because something happened with my iPad, and he said fondly, “mom, you’re so old.” I also can’t figure out how to add links on my iPad. Have to go to my computer to

Ha, on my computer now. I published this post on my iPad (after it froze and wouldn’t let me complete the above sentence), but now it’s not showing up on the page. So tell me: am I completely clueless? Is my iPad defective? Or maybe WordPress for the iPad isn’t the best? Anyway, I will now add the link to the dress, above. However, GoLite says it is out of stock, but they are ordering more.

1 thought on “I Love this Reversible Dress! So I Bought Two…

  1. Susiehalfpipe

    ok, love the dress and you look adorable but what about the shoes? They look cool … do tell! xxoo



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