I’m Lucky: My Mom Can’t Wear Heels

Got a question about the shoes I’m wearing in my previous post. The shoes were a hand-me-down from my mom, who says she can no longer wear heels, which is a pity, because she has great legs. They’re Donald J. Pliney (the shoes, not my mom’s legs), a brand I must admit that I have never heard of, but the shoes are great: super comfortable and you can dress them down or up.

Don’t know when she got them, but she off-loaded them to me last summer. I couldn’t find an identical pair on the Donald J. Pliney website, but here’s a link to a similar pair. The coloring is obviously different, and the materials, but the shape is pretty much the same. $248 — yikes! Thanks, Mom!

Here’s a close-up of the ones I’m wearing in the previous post:

mom's shoes

By the way, I’m downloading the WordPress app on my iPad, and maybe it will work better than trying to post online. Hopefully you will not be treated to any more mini-rants on my publication issues. But really, I’m just not tech savvy. I’m a word person! I’m middleaged! If I have a problem, I hand the gadget off to Lizzie or Michael, and they fix it — sweetly, without ever a denigrating remark. Love those kids…

Here’s the Here’s the pairpair that’s most similar that I found on his website.

Your thoughts?

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