Banned from Wearing These Lace Shorts

Okay, that headline is a little dramatic (what can I say? I’m a Leo). I’m not really banned from wearing the shorts – I just have to wait until Sunday. Paul and the kids bought me an outfit for Mother’s Day — lace shorts ($78) and slouchy but pretty T-shirt ($58) — which I picked out and tried on. When we left the store, Paul took the bag and hid it away. (Darn him!)

free people black lace shorts on modelFree People keep me vee t

Of COURSE they’re both Free People. I just love the flow-y comfortableness and the sort-of-funky style of the brand. The shirt looks great with the front tucked in (when I tried it on, the sales woman who was a bit older than me and very effusive, shouted, “The half-tuck! I’m a huge fan of the half-tuck!), and the outfit was completed with a brown belt around the elastic hem of the shorts.

My T-shirt is a little darker, and really does look good with the shorts, though in the above pictures, the two don’t seem to match. The sales woman suggested cowboy boots with the outfit, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough for that. I’ll take a pic on Sunday to show it all put together.

Speaking of shopping, I tried on this great — I mean, really great — pair of denim cutoffs. They were not too short, they fit beautifully, they made my butt look good (at least the sales lady said so), and they were incredibly comfortable. I was about to buy them when I noticed they were (gasp!) $188. For a pair of shorts!

current & elliot cutoff boyfriend shorts

Now, I have recently discovered the joy of owning “good” (ie: expensive) jeans. They’re super comfortable, the fit is perfect, and I’m told they last forever. (As my fashion friend Liz at Nordstrom says, they’re investment pieces.) So I was almost tempted to buy the shorts. But I couldn’t afford them right now on top of the Free People stuff, so — sigh — back they went to the rack.

But seriously, have any of you ever spent $188 on denim shorts? I mean, I could understand if they were silk, or, I don’t know, diamonds…

Though today is May 7 and you’d expect better from God, it got cold and rainy and thunder-stormy and miserable today (okay, I liked it) and then we got about two inches of hail. What object is between the size of a pea and a marble? That’s the size the hail was, and Lizzie came home from school with her arms covered in bruises from the hard little suckers. So, anyway, I went with spring on the top (Free People lace tank top and an old Anne Taylor sweater), and winter on the bottom (tights and Ralph Lauren boots).

Free People lace tank top, anne taylor sweater, leggings, boots


2 thoughts on “Banned from Wearing These Lace Shorts

  1. jennifernastu Post author

    I know, it’s crazy. They’re supposed to be very long-lasting, though… Thanks for the thoughts on the lace shorts. I can’t wait to wear them!


  2. Deanna

    I’m having a hard time with $188 for shorts. Why are they so much? Are you paying for the label? They’re shorts for peers sake. I can’t wait to see the lace shorts. You have amazing legs and they will look hot in lace shorts!



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