Very Important Info and a Fashion Mistake

I’ll get the mistake out of the way. I don’t think today’s outfit worked in the least. I started with just the lace skirt (Anne Taylor, $79.50 but I got it on sale for $50ish), brown shirt ($78, Free People) and boots, with bare legs, but it was freezing cold, so I added the leggings and the jacket. I think the look is too random with all the separate pieces. Plus, all the brown is too dark for the cream-colored skirt. (You can’t see it with the jacket, but the shirt has pretty lace on the sleeves. Not exactly lace. But it’s pretty…)

The boots are Ariat, bought as a gift for my daughter. She wore them a few times but realized they were too small over her instep and hurt her feet. We couldn’t return them (oh, darn), so I get to keep them. Yay. I love cowboy boots. (Just not with this outfit.) (I also love parenthetical phrases, as you can probably tell.) (I think these are parenthetical phrases. I looked it up but am still unclear, because it appears parenthetical phrases can be used without parenthesis.)

lace skirt, brown shirt and leggings, cowboy boots

Okay, on to the very important info: My mother just told me about Twice, an online store for buying and selling “lightly used” clothing. She told me about it about four hours ago, and I’ve already made my first purchase: a pair of Current Elliot cropped jeans. That’s the brand that I lamented about a couple of days ago because their denim shorts were $188. WELL, these cropped jeans cost $197.95 originally, and I got them for $58.95 — no, there was a Mother’s Day coupon code, so they were exactly $50. Also, free shipping. If they are as fabulous as the shorts I tried on, it is definitely money well-spent. Hopefully the condition will be good and they will fit. Stay tuned.

Another thing: if you recommend a friend and the friend makes a purchase, you and the friend both get a $10 credit. Don’t know exactly how it works, but if you buy something, maybe you can figure out how to say I recommended you and we can both benefit.

current elliott cropped jeans from twice These are the cropped jeans.

And, for those of you as obsessed with Free People as I am, there’s a ton of that brand on the site. Plus many others. (I’m also a fan of sentence fragments, but only in blogs, not in more formal writing.)

1 thought on “Very Important Info and a Fashion Mistake

  1. Trooper

    I love that you post your mistakes. How many times have I left in the morning thinking I’m looking super cute and come home to realize how ridiculous I actually look. Or worse, in the bathroom at work where there’s nothing I can do about it. For this one I really love the outfit — just not with the skirt. Darker skirt = super cute! And — BTW — I’m a fan of the hyphen.



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