Saturday Afternoon Bliss (and Nowhere to Wear My Heels)

Kids are at a movie with Paul and I have the house to myself, which never happens on a weekend. I spent the first hour folding laundry, and then thought, “what the heck am I doing?” So now I’m on the couch with a book and my blog.

Today’s outfit (but I’m not wearing the shoes anymore because they’re not made for couch-sitting):


The shirt is Free People (I’m almost afraid to say that anymore–didn’t realize how much I had!), the jeans are plain old Levi’s, and the shoes are cole haan–they are another “investment piece” recommended by Nordstrom Liz. (The hyphen in that sentence is dedicated to Lauren.)

Someone has asked me to include pictures and thoughts about fashion for older women (sixties, seventies). I’ve seen some great pictures of stylish women in that age bracket on Pinterest and will hunt some up. Here’s one great one:


2 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Bliss (and Nowhere to Wear My Heels)

  1. jennifernastu Post author

    I think her crisp white shirt looks great opened at the neck, and I love the jacket and purse. Also love the pattern on the skirt, and wish I could see the rest of the outfit. As for white shirts being a must-have for any wardrobe, I’m conflicted. I don’t know what it is with me, but I can never stay unrumpled, so things like white blouses are not always a good bet. I don’t own one… I’m also the kind of person who always collects lint on my clothes. Some people stay pristine all day long. I am not one of them! Maybe a more expensive white blouse is the answer. If you try it, let me know!


  2. Trooper

    Love the idea of fashion for “mature” ladies and she certainly looks amazing — but you didn’t give us your thoughts on her style. I know “they” say every woman should have a white button down shirt in their closet but I have never found one I’m comfortable wearing. They get so bunchy! Anyone else have that problem? Maybe I just need to buy more expensive ones?



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