STILL Banned from My Lace Shorts. Spring in CO Sucks…

Woke up to snow. Really. Snow.


I know I live in colorado, but it’s not like I’m at a really high altitude. It’s not the mountains! Last year I thought it was bad that we had a snowstorm on May 1, but may 11?

So, I could not wear my new lace shorts, still. (See post from May 8.)

Lizzie cracked me up: when she saw them, she said, “Can those be OUR shorts?”

I wore the outfit below to my Mother’s Day brunch, and I’m starting to have real doubts about my fashion sense. I think the navy shirt and black jeans were a mistake. My outfits for the last several days have not been that great. Help me, people! Also I think the shirt is too tight to wear with skinny jeans. Should have chosen a straight cut or boot cut.


I wanted to talk about makeup a bit. I’ve been seeing in magazine lately that a lot of models are wearing pink eyeshadow under their eyes. I also notice a lot of metallic eyes, and I love that look. So I tried some pink under my eyes and around the corners of my eyes. Lizzie asked if I had pink eye. I tried a different shade, and a little less of it, and Paul said I looked like I had the plague. So clearly it wasn’t a good look for me.

Then I went to sephora and asked about metallic eyes. I said I didn’t want it to be too extreme and that it must be age appropriate so the woman set me up with silver eye shadow (Urban Decay, $18,color Verve). She covered my whole lid up to the brow bone with a matte tan color, then swiped the metallic silver on the inside third of my upper lid, down around the corner of my eye, and then under my eye on the inside. It is very subtle but I feel like it opens up my eyes. The metallic aspect of it is not really apparent unless you’re up close, and even then, it’s subtle. The woman whe showed me how to do it kept saying to tap off the extra shadow from the brush before applying. She said it, like, three times, so it must be very important and I do it religiously. I’m afraid if I forget, the sephora makeup police will come.

I’ve also stopped lining my lower lids with eyeliner except for just a hint on the outside corners. I’ve read that for older women, as our eyes start to sink in, eye liner underneath can make us look gaunt.

I hope you’ll keep reading in spite of my apparent fashion faux pas in he last few days…

Your thoughts?

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