Debate: Sneakers with Wedge Heels

I admit it: some of the styles the younger generation wears, which arguably should not be worn by women of my age, I find fun and exciting and hard to resist. For example:

Red Converse wedge sneakers $54.95

Personally, I think these would look adorable with skinny jeans and a flow-y top, and maybe some sort of stylish jacket that would tone down the “funk factor” by a notch.

However, here is a sample of what family and friends have said to me about these cute red sneaks:

“They would be just bearable on a teenager. On an adult? Oh my god.”

“I’ll still love you but I may ban you from wearing them when you’re with me.”

“If you want my utter honesty I think they are the ugliest thing on the market. And I think there is an age limit on them. And no, it is not fifty. And yes, I hate them with wild abandon!”

Hilarious. I laughed when I read that one, and responded to my friend, “so you’re not crazy about them, then?”

I must add that the friend who wrote that last one later amended her comment, remarking that since she cut her hair into a Mohawk at age forty-something, who is she to talk? She added, “fist bump to u girl! Go do it. Fuck what everybody else says!” (You can see why I love her. And by the way, her Mohawk looks amazing, at least in pictures; I haven’t seen the real thing yet.)

So yes, I will buy the shoes if I decide I love them enough. But the fifty-some dollars may be better spent on a pretty pair of gladiator sandals.

Maybe these?

Franco Sarto Hazy Wedge Sandals, $59.95

I’d love to know your thoughts. Chime in: yes or hell no on the wedge sneakers?

3 thoughts on “Debate: Sneakers with Wedge Heels

  1. Dwelch

    OMG!! I can’t believe you wrote our conversation on here. Gigi’s on the the floor rolling as I’m reading it out loud. We r both going ‘OH MY GOD she wrote that!’ But I still stand by the fuck it rule. If u love it wear it with your head held high, who cares? It’s your life and on your death bed I doubt you’ll be thinking about the shoes. Well maybe. Ever gone back and looked at your past hair do’s. Well now I just stuck my foot in my mouth cuz that will be me. Looking at this ‘do’ wondering what drugs I was on at the time!


  2. Susiehalfpipe

    Hell no! Looks like you (the ubiquitous you not u per se) are trying to hard. Don’t mess with chucks — they need no heel!



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