Fashion Tip: Buy This Shirt Immediately

I’m still upset that, amidst all my comments, emails, and Facebook replies, not a single person gave me positive feedback on the wedge sneaker thing. I mean, really, there must be someone out there, one single person, who likes them for more mature women.

But I will put my pique aside for a moment to tell you about this delightful shirt. It’s the one I got for Mother’s Day along with the lace shorts (which I have still not worn). It’s another Free People top, under the FP Beach brand. Here’s why it’s awesome:

–Drapes beautifully
–unbelievably soft and comfy
–rolled sleeves give it a slightly more purposeful look
–pink stitching only on the inside makes me feel secretive
–the shape at the bottom is perfect for the half tuck.

Now I know that at $58 it is expensive for a tshirt. But I can almost promise you, even though I’ve only worn it once, that it will be a favorite.


I love this casual outfit. The cropped jeans, by the way, are the Current & Elliott ones I ordered from Twice. You may have read previously that they retail for $200-ish, and I got them for fifty…but who know how many times they’ve been worn? However, the fit is great, they seem to be in perfect condition, and I’m told these jeans last forever.


I was wearing this outfit with my favorite leather jacket. However I took it off during my son’s “field day” (got to watch him eat whipped cream and try to blow a bubble with bubble gum, and shake ping pong balls out of an empty tissue box belted to his backside) and left it at his school. I was panicked–my favorite jacket! But the kid actually remembered to bring it home for me, and it didn’t even have whipped cream or marshmallows on it.

Ha! Just got a Facebook comment that said the wedge converse are “defiantly fashionable.” (She added that she’s all about function over form and they would be too hard to tie. LOL) That’s exactly how I would feel if I wore them: defiantly fashionable. In fact, I think that will be my new catch phrase. Thanks, Leslie!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Tip: Buy This Shirt Immediately

  1. Susiehalfpipe

    Ok I love u like crazy but I need to understand your new fashion language. For instance, how do rolled up sleeves give a shirt a more purposeful look and why is the half tuck referring to fashion and not some gymnastic move? I am perplexed.


    1. jennifernastu Post author

      Okay, perplexed one, remember that I am a writer first and foremost, a total spaz/goofball second, and that my fashion sense is a very, very, very distant… I don’t know, 33rd, maybe? I will explain the reasoning behind the lingo here, but can’t promise I will use the same language to refer to the same things each time… SO, I believe the sleeves on the tshirt look more “purposeful” because it looks like they were planned, or specifically designed to look the way they do –most tshirts have sleeves that just hang there, but these have a nice look. The folded up part of the sleeve is a bit messy, so it doesn’t look fussy, just…purposeful. As for the half-tuck: come on, you can figure this out! Tucked in, in the front, hanging out at the back. Catch up, Susie!


  2. jennifernastu Post author

    Hi, Mica. Thanks for checking me out! The shoes in this post are Ralph Lauren. They’re a few years old so hard to find, but found them at Amazon. There’s only one pair left, in a size 8. $27.99!
    There’s also a similar pair in a bunch of different colors:


  3. Mica

    Hey Friend!
    Getting caught up on the blog. Did I miss anything about those adorable shoes? Wanna share where ya got those cuties?



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