Lace Shorts at Last! (I Look Like a Gladiator)

Happy Saturday, friends. At last it’s warm enough (sort of) for my new Free People lace shorts. I love them! I added a belt and some gladiator sandals ($29.99 from Target). With the sandals and the scalloped bottom of the shorts, don’t I look like an actual gladiator? I should have grabbed one of the kids’ swords.


I’m not crazy about the gathered elastic waist on these shorts, but have been experimenting with adding belts to various outfits to minimize the long torso/short leg situation (as written about on May 13 and April 20). I like the belt with this outfit, although my only wide black belt is too big. I need to add a couple more holes.

Anyway, I originally dressed in white heel sandals this morning. Paul thought that, in combination with each other, the shorts were too short and the sandals too high and I looked too “hot” for running mother errands. (I walked off in a huff and changed my shoes, feeling self-conscious.)

Now I have to work on training my horribly ill-behaved dogs — though less horribly behaved than they were $700 and four months ago, I hope– and plant some flowers (going on the possibly erroneous assumption that we’ve had our last frost for the year…). Don’t feel like changing. Will be mad if I get drool and/or dirt on my shorts. So I better not plant or train right now. Maybe a nap? Or I could try to find a leather punch-thingy and operate on my belt…

Your thoughts?

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