Lesson Learned: You CAN Stop Thinning Hair!

This is not an ad. I don’t know the Nioxin people and they are not a sponsor. I don’t have sponsors. If I did, at least it might justify the amount of time I’m spending on this blog. (Nioxin people, are you listening? I will gladly accept your sponsor dollars.)

Anyway, my hair has never been exactly what you call lush, but in the last year or more it had been thinning noticeably. I had gotten a bald spot above my left temple! And every time I shampooed, my fingers would be covered with hair that had fallen out. Ugh!

Well, last time I went to have my hair cut (about two months ago) my fabulous stylist, Nicole, asked me gently if I had noticed my hair was thinning. I asked if it was normal to lose so much hair at my age (45) and she said most of her clients don’t start really losing their hair until their sixties or so.

She suggested I try the Nioxin products,as well as a dietary supplement. I chose to skip the supplement but bought the Nioxin shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment ($29.99). Then, I asked my doctor about it, and she checked some of my earlier bloodwork, and saw that I was very low on Biotin, which is a B vitamin and which helps with good skin, nails and hair. (Incidentally, Biotin is the main ingredient in the dietary supplement that Nicole recommended.) My doctor recommended I start taking it.

Now, I read online that Biotin can really help with hair regrowth IF you have a Biotin deficiency, but that it doesn’t help if your Biotin levels are normal. Who knows if that is true, just throwing it out there.

So I bought a giant bottle of Biotin at the grocery store, 5000 mg capsules and started using the Nioxin stuff, as well. Unbelievably, I noticed a significant lessening of my hair falling out, but even crazier is that I’m growing new hair! Seriously, my bald spot is almost fully grown in with soft baby hairs about half an inch long. And when I was getting my haircut yesterday, Nicole said I had new growth all over my entire head. True miracle time here, people.

Anyway, I decided to cut my hair short because it was so thin that it had started to look straggly. As the new hair gets longer, hopefully it will grow in gracefully with the new cut.

On a different subject, here is today’s outfit, chosen for maximum comfort as I was just working and doing laundry, etc.


The cropped jeans are the same Current & Elliott ones from yesterday’s post. The shirt is Caslon, also written about in a previous post.

Note the shoes: apparently Converse low tops are okay with my family. They just draw the line at high tops with a wedge heel. (Yes, I’m still harping on that!)

4 thoughts on “Lesson Learned: You CAN Stop Thinning Hair!

  1. Trooper

    Wow – what a crazy hair story! Awesome that a supplement actually works. I think your outfit is adorable and I agree with your fam about the Converse but will add that even high tops are okay just not the ones with a wedge heel!



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