Who Do You Dress up For?

I heard recently that women take care with their appearance for other women more than anything else. Does that mean because they want to impress other women? Or they don’t want other women to look down on them? Or is it a sisterhood kind of thing, as in, let’s-show-the-world-how-nice-we-can-look?

When I recently started getting interested in looking my best, it was mostly for myself. I just feel better when I choose an outfit that expresses my personality, that is flattering and fun. That’s not to say I’m miserable when I go out to run errands in my sweaty workout clothes, because that happens a lot, too. But when I have the time, I like to look nice.

But there’s also truth in the fact that I want to look pretty and/or sexy for my husband. I don’t want him to get too used to seeing me at my worst without ever seeing me at my best.

And yes, I suppose I do dress for other women, to some extent, too. I want others to think I’m stylish. I wonder why that matters to me…?

What about other men besides your significant other? I don’t seek other men’s attention but I do notice more men hold the door for me and more of the older handymen at Home Depot try to help me when I’m dressed nicely!

Anyway, who do you dress up for? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Oh, and the picture is one my daughter made of me using some drawing app on my iPad. Sorry, I didn’t have any outfit or other fashion idea to share!

1 thought on “Who Do You Dress up For?

  1. Susiehalfpipe

    I dress for success – NOT!
    Not sure who I dress for but I certainly dress for comfort most of the time and when i go out, I like to look sexy. xxoo



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