Mixing Patterns: Yes or No?

It seems this year the big rage (in the magazines, anyway, I don’t know about real people) is mixing patterns. I’ve seen black and white striped skirts with shirts that have giant red polka dots, plaid mixed with leopard, two different flower prints, multiple geometric prints, you name it.


I am not really brave enough to try much of this, at least not so far. I’m afraid I would look like a sopha or a bag lady. (My spell check is telling me that sopha is not a word. Oh my God. It’s spelled with an F. Im losing my mind. I’m going to leave the mistake in so you can laugh at me.)

Anyway! I decided to try a little bit of mixing and see what you guys think. The tips I’ve read have said to match big patterns with smaller patterns (like, not two different patterns of small polka dots). I’ve also read that the different patterns should have at least one color in common. I’ve read to mix bold patterns with less eye-catching patterns. And that each different pattern should not get equal real estate (more of one pattern, less of a second, still less if you’re adding a third). But most of the pattern combos I’ve seen have broken one or all of these so-called rules, so who knows?

I started small: black and white striped skirt, black and white cheetah print shirt.


I like this.

1 thought on “Mixing Patterns: Yes or No?

  1. Trooper

    I LOVE it! I work with a woman who does this beautifully. Her best is a bold stripe shirt (white and blue) and then a big multi-colored/striped scarf. Looks great! I think mixing says you’re fun and confident. Carry on.



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