Mean Pinterest Girl

WELL! I knew this would happen at some point if I kept posting pictures of myself, but I still got my feelings hurt: someone on Pinterest repinned a picture of one of my outfits on a board titled, “Bad Fashion.” I was hoping the term “bad,” meant as in, “yeah, you rock that outfit, bitch,” but no. It actually meant bad.

To be fair to me, while the outfit looked okay in the mirror that morning, I knew as soon as I took the picture that it just didn’t work. I posted it on Pinterest anyway because I was documenting the JOURNEY, people, not an end result of perfect fashion. (Of course, I don’t think I ever posted the picture here, because I didn’t want you to laugh at me.) So, here’s the outfit.


I know it’s not great: first, the jeans shouldn’t be rolled up like that. The shoes don’t really go with anything else, especially not the navy in the top. And the shirt… well, I loved it when I bought it, but it just isn’t flattering. I seem to have no shape, and fat arms (and seriously, my arms do have a bit of the “bat-wing” thing going, but they’re also pretty defined). I had been thinking about giving the shirt to Lizzie, who would look adorable in it.

So, it was a fashion mistake, but is it really bad enough to go on a board called Bad Fashion, alongside pictures like this?


1 thought on “Mean Pinterest Girl

  1. Susiehalfpipe

    People are MEAN. Know how you feel though, well a little bit. I got some unwanted and kindof mean “advice” from a few blog posts I did. I know by putting myself out there I opened myself up to that and just had to stay true to my purpose which to be honest and trust my gut. You are on a journey, and quite frankly, I think you look adorable in that pic. Love you.



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