And Now My Toes Look All F***ed Up…

Two days ago Mean Pinterest Girl got me down (but only for a little while, and then your outpouring of love and encouragement here and on Facebook boosted me up again), and then day before yesterday my toenail fell off, making it a little awkward to show my feet — and just when sandal weather has finally arrived! Oh well, not a big deal, except I have to wear comfy shoes for awhile, like these:


Have you heard of Fit Flops? . They are super comfortable and some of them are really cute. (Some are also really ugly.) but they are really expensive for flip flops, in the $100 range. I was not going to buy this pair last year but the sales lady was so insistent I finally gave in (not Nordstrom Liz). Anyway, I have gotten more compliments on them than any other shoe! The ones I linked to, above, are not the same as mine, which are last year’s, but they’re close.

Now you probably won’t believe me, but I really need some new clothes, or at least one new shirt. I have this cute skirtI got at Gap when they had a big sale a couple of months ago, but nothing in my closet matches it. I thought a plain white tshirt would go, but it just doesn’t look right. I’m not sure what would go with navy and mint green! The shirt I’m wearing with it is okay, but it’s not exactly right.

In the picture online it looks like the model is wearing a light pink button-down, which might look nice.

By the way. The skirt is very short. I bought a size larger so it’s loose around the waist, which lets me pull it down to my hips, which adds an inch or two.


And here’s an outfit from a few days ago:


I still totally love the Free People shirt and Hudson jeans.

Your thoughts?

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