Meet Nordstrom Liz

Darn, I had to take Michael to the Apple Store today, and the closest one is at the mall where Nordstrom Liz works. It was a bummer, but I tried to deal with it gracefully. After Michael took his broken ipod (the jack was broken, and even though he had dropped it and the screen was cracked, and it was eight months old, they gave him a brand new one), I went and met with Liz.

She had a bunch of items picked out for me to try on. One was this slinky and fun red dress and there was no way I could wear it. I tried it on and almost convinced myself that it looked great on me. But then Michael told me that I looked like, “hi, I’m a middle aged woman and I’m having a midlife crisis!” As if that wasn’t bad enough, he added, “mom, you just don’t have that kind of body.”


I did get the Free People jacketthough. Also a black Free People skirt, which is not this short on me, I swear!

Liz looked stylish as ever. It’s so fun: I tell her when I’ll be there, she grabs some items she thinks I might like and puts them in a dressing room. I hardly even wander around and look at things, which is perfect, because sometimes I get overwhelmed by the number of choices and can’t put outfits together. With Liz’s help, I’m in and out in half an hour–which is important when you’re shopping with an eleven year old boy! And I love the things she picks.

Here she is, looking adorable. I love her outfit.


Interesting fashion comment: she said she doesn’t think belts should be worn over shirts because they cut the waist and make it look shorter. I’ve written here before how I like wearing belts high on my waist over shirts for that very reason: to make my waist look shorter and my legs longer. Not sure if I’m right about this, though.

Speaking of which, I had a fashion epiphany the other day. I keep thinking of fashion decisions as “right” or “wrong,” but I realized that it’s all a matter of opinion and personal preference. That sounds like it should have been painfully obvious, but sometimes I take awhile to see the light. I don’t need to constantly worry about whether something I choose is in today’s style (as defined by the fashion industry) but rather whether I actually like it! I can use fashion/style as a guideline and go from there…

Your thoughts?

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