What’s the Deal with Summer Fashion?

I haven’t been that excited about my clothes lately, and today I figured out why: there’s not a lot you can do with summer outfits – or at least, I haven’t learned what to do yet. In the winter, you can layer sweaters and jackets and scarves and…

But now that it’s warm, my outfits are basically shorts or a skirt and a shirt. Maybe that’s why I keep feeling like I need more shoes, to spice up boring summer outfits.

Maybe the answer is accessories. Maybe “statement necklaces” (i just learned that word recently) like the one above would help give my summer outfits a boost. I wrote a couple days ago about the second hand store Plato’s Closet. Well, I bought a couple of super cheap necklaces there the other day. Here’s one.


Okay, that picture sucks, but you get the idea.

I’m going to head over to Pinterest and search summer fashion. If I find anything of interest, I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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