Sassy Summer Shoes and Lots of Pictures

I forgot that I meant to post some pics of shoes that might help spice up a summer wardrobe. Not that any of YOUR summer wardrobes need spicing, but mine do.

Anyway, my sister/bestie sent me a picture of her “sassy” pink shoes, which she got ten years ago (or so). Now that she (finally) has a job again, she has to get out of her crossfit exercise clothes and dress like a grownup again, and I can tell she’s doing a good job just from this picture of her lower half. And look at those legs! Sheesh…


If you look closely, you’ll see that there are little dots/holes in the shoes like wing tips. Nice.

Since the shoes are many years old, I couldn’t find the exact pair, but I looked around for some sassy oink shoes and here are a few I like (I meant pink, not oink, obviously, but I’ll leave it like that so you can imagine pigs on your feet oinking with every step). Shoot, didn’t write down the brand or website!





I can’t believe I did this. A few years ago I owned an awesome pair of pink converse high tops. Lizzie was doing a school project at the time called Invention Convention. She invented shoes that used magnets to close them rather than shoelaces–and I let her glue magnets all over my shoes. Then I threw them away! What was I thinking???

Hilarious: I just googled “pink flats” to try to find you links for the above shoes. Couldn’t find the links, but I did find a million other pairs of pink shoes that I love. Also, found an actual pair of pig shoes! (See above)


Then I found these adorable shoes that I thought Lizzie would love because she loves mustaches and even wore a fake black and hairy mustache to school and kept it on all day. Anyway, Liz loved them but said she couldn’t get them because she’d be holding them up to her face all day, and her teachers would be saying, “Liz, put your shoes on!” The brand is Zara but they’re sold out.


One more thing: Michael just made me watch the Miley Cyrus video of her song “Wrecking Ball.” That girl has such a great voice and a beautiful body, but why does she have to be so raunchy?

3 thoughts on “Sassy Summer Shoes and Lots of Pictures

  1. Trooper

    Hey, one more thought on spicing up your summer wardrobe. I feel like this is the time for you to really embrace the mixing patterns thing. Summer dressing should be fun and carefree — polka dot shorts, striped shirt and pink high tops? Now that sounds interesting!


    1. jennifernastu Post author

      Ok, that’s a great idea. I’ll definitely have to give it a try. Sort of scared to mix and match, though…



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