Would You Wear These in Summer?

Chatted with a friend yesterday about wearing boots in summer… Is it appropriate? Seems a lot of people are wearing those short booties with skirts or shorts, or those sandals that are tall and are sort of a boot hybrid. But what about higher boots?

I looked around online and found a couple of different thoughts, mainly that boots are a good fashion choice in summer if they’re tan or beige, and no higher than mid-calf. What do you think? Here are a couple of pictures.



On another subject, I was ranting the other day about the boring-ness of summer fashion. I really think the key is shoes and accessories. I tried a pair of converse sneaks yesterday and they looked cute (at least according to paul), but still… I need more shoes! The necklace I’m wearing was a four dollar one from the second-hand store, and the dress is from REI. The sweater came from Marshall’s. My mom bought it for me when she was here. Thanks Mom!


By the way, I’ve heard from some people that their comments are not showing up here…grrrr! If you’ve left comments that haven’t shown up or that I haven’t responded to, email me at jnastu(at)me(.com).

2 thoughts on “Would You Wear These in Summer?

  1. jennifernastu Post author

    I’ll have to have Gina try and send me a pic. Or else go buy some lighter colored boots. #moreshoppingtodo


  2. Trooper

    Have a super funky friend who wore boots in summer all the time! With the right legs (which you have) I think it works. Not sure about the age factor though. Post a pic and take a vote!



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