Bubble Skirt on Middleaged Butt?

Tried to give this outfit a little more flair and dimension by adding the denim vest, but I think it might have looked better without it… My Trouvé leather jacketwould have looked great with it but it was a little too warm.

The shirt is a super-old tee from Anne Taylor Loft. Shoes are last season’s ballet flats from Banana Republic.

It’s hard to see the cuteness of the skirt in this picture, but check it out here.

It’s Free People, and I’m going to stop apologizing for my one-brand singlemindedness (is that a word?). I see something I like and try it on, only to discover its that brand again. Can’t help it.

I should have taken a picture of my butt in this skirt. From the side I think to looks great, and Nordstrom Liz said the back looked good, too… But I’m not so sure

2 thoughts on “Bubble Skirt on Middleaged Butt?

  1. Anonymous

    Cute! A leatherjacket and boots will look great with it in colder weather. Which, in CO, could be tomorrow.



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