5 Fashion Tips from Nordstrom Liz! (Plus One Bonus)

I was so excited when Jennifer asked me to do a blog post for her with five fashion tips for Spring. I met Jennifer in January, and I have LOVED seeing her style transform from jeans and a t-shirt to a polished boho chic mom.

Before I launch into my five fashion tips, Jennifer asked me to write a short bio about myself. A lot of people ask me how I became a Personal Stylist, and everyone assumes that I must have studied fashion or had some glamorous job that landed me to my current position. But the truth is that I stumbled into this job. After graduating with my degree in Spanish Linguistics and Spanish Literature from CU, I quickly found out that the jobs I was qualified for sounded monotonous and boring, and I wanted more. I have always believed that if I have to devote 40 hours of my life every week to something, I HAVE to be happy doing it.

The first job I landed was at Nordstrom Rack, and after being promoted three times within nine months, I was sent to the full line (or “regular”) Nordstrom at Flatirons Crossing Mall. I had never worked on commission before, and I promised myself that I would always focus on making sure my customers left happy instead of selling something just to make money. I’m a big believer in the idea that if you’re good at what you do, the recognition and money will come later. Within three months, I was booking appointments and had a small base of regular clients that came to the store to specifically shop with me. It was then that the Personal Stylist Manager asked if she could talk to me more about the Personal Stylist program and I was ecstatic to be scouted out for the position of a Personal Stylist. Out of over 30,000 sales associates within Nordstrom, there’s only about 400 Personal Stylists.

In hindsight, I’m surprised I never thought to be a Personal Stylist before I entered the Nordstrom world. I love fashion, I love meeting new people, and I love helping people. Even though I’m not saving lives, there’s no better feeling in the world than watching one of my clients leave the store happy.

Here are my tips for dressing for Spring.

1.) Reorganize your closet. Put all of your bulky winter sweaters, scarves, coats and snow boots in a big box and get it out of your closet and sight. Keep one or two pairs of jeans and a pair of leggings for Spring, but that’s all you really need. It’s time to wear all your shorts, skirts and dresses! Put them in the front of your closet so that they’re easy to find.

2.) Don’t be afraid of wearing white! White jeans, shorts, or capris make any outfit look polished and chic. If you’re afraid of spilling something on them (like me), throw a Tide To Go Pen in your purse to get rid of any stains that happen throughout the day. Denim is a very resilient fabric, too, so you can Oxiclean and bleach it later without damaging it.

3.) Layer your clothes (unless it’s too hot out to even fathom such a thing). Wearing a simple sun dress is cute, but adding another layer to the dress adds dimension and interest to the dress. I usually throw on a leather or jean jacket for cooler spring days, and when it’s warmer I recommend wearing a cardigan with a skinny belt around your waist.

4.) Invest in a great pair of brown boots. I’m a boot fanatic, but I truly believe that a good pair of brown riding boots can carry your wardrobe throughout all four seasons. I have these boots and have worn then out again and again and keep getting them resoled because I love them so much. They’re great to wear with skirts, dresses, white jeans, and I frequently pair them with leggings and gray over-the-knee socks in the winter. In spring and summer, I wear them all the time with a dress and a denim or leather jacket. It’s easy and looks very put together in the “I just rolled out of bed and looked fabulous” effortless kind of way.


Even though the website says the boots are no longer available, they come out every fall 🙂

5.) Don’t be afraid of breaking the rules. The fashion world has created all sorts of rules that we have followed for years–such as, don’t mix black and brown, don’t wear white after Labor Day, don’t mix navy and black, etc. The focus of the fashion world has evolved over the past 5 years and the emphasis is more on HOW you wear things instead of WHAT you’re wearing. So don’t be afraid to wear gold and silver bracelets at the same time, or mix that navy top with black pants, just make sure you feel good in whatever you’re wearing. If you have confidence, you can pull off anything.

6.) This is totally unrelated to clothing, but I’ve always found that having good makeup and skin is just as important in creating your style as your outfit. Two products I swear by are the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Face Peel Pads pads the Clarins Double Serum.

Both products work with any skin care routine you currently have, and they have transformed my skin. I use the peels several times a week at night and they even out and brighten my skin and fade marks and somehow eliminate acne and whiteheads. It’s amazing. The double serum is one of the best products on the market for your skin and will repair/prevent wrinkles, even and smooth your skin and hydrates it without causing blemishes. To get the same results from any other product on the market from any line, you would need 4-6 serums, creams, and moisturizers. And the one tool I believe every single person needs to own is the Clarisonic cleans your face in 1 minute and cleans 6x deeper than washing your face with your hands or a washcloth. I use mine twice a day, and in addition to making my skin feel softer and smoother, I’ve noticed that I don’t have to use as much makeup as I used to because it’s helped calm down my rosacea (I look super red most of the time). I have a friend that got one a few months ago, and last week I noticed that her deep wrinkles between her eyes were gone, and I asked her if she had gotten Botox. I was shocked when she told me that she had been using her Clarisonic religiously twice a day, focusing on the wrinkles. It’s an amazing tool, and even though it’s an investment, I urge everyone to pick one up. It will transform your skin!

NOTE FROM JEN: thanks so much, Liz! Great tips. You answered our questions about boots in summer, as well as the ones about how to spice up summer wardrobes!

To my readers, I can attest to the Clarins Double Serum. After using it about two weeks I noticed a big difference in the smoothness of my skin. I needed less makeup and people started telling me my skin looked great.

Finally, if you want to order any of Liz’s suggestions, consider calling the Flatirons Nordstrom and asking for her. She’ll send them to you free of shipping (at least she does for me…) and she’ll get the commission.

1 thought on “5 Fashion Tips from Nordstrom Liz! (Plus One Bonus)

  1. Anonymous

    A great post! Tell Liz I’m in love with her. Also, ask her if at my age, (78! FGS,) can I wear the boots in summer with a dress? I own a pair almost identical to the ones shown but had put them away for summer.



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