The Romper at Last: Various Iterations

Okay, here’s the romper in a bunch of variations. Which is the best? Or are they all terrible???

Picture 1. Romper, black Franco Sarto sandals<, statement necklace:


I like it this way, but not sure about the necklace.

Picture 2. Same outfit plus wide black belt:


I think the belt is too heavy for the outfit.

Picture 3. Addition of Levi’s denim jacket:


Don’t like the vest with the romper.

Picture 4. With Free People motorcycle jacket:


I like this jacket, and I sort of like it with the romper. But the problem is, you can’t see my waist the way the jacket hangs, so it just looks like I’m wearing baggy pajamas.

Picture 5. With Anne Taylor short sweater and white BOC sandals:


I like this iteration a lot. But the sweater is off white and the sandals are white. Is that a problem?

Picture 6: with Anne Taylor short sweater and beige and navy Ralph Lauren sandals:


Changed shoes. But now does the flower pattern clash with the stripes in the shoes? Or is that good pattern mixing?

Picture 7. Romper only, no statement necklace, beige and navy sandals:


back to basics, just the romper.

So, I think I like number 6 and and number 7. I don’t like the statement necklace with the outfit. Don’t like anything on the top that covers the waist. Love the short sweater because it adds some dimension to the outfit without making me look like I’m wearing PJs. And I actually do like the romper by itself, simple and elegant… Or no?

Lesson learned here: when wearing baggy clothes, don’t add an element that hides your shape. Also, a statement necklace like the one I was wearing does not work well with a top that has such an intricate pattern.

4 thoughts on “The Romper at Last: Various Iterations

  1. Dwelch

    Liking the sweater but it still think a belt would help. Maybe a cream and brown one that compliments the sweater or a thinner brown one?


    1. jennifernastu Post author

      I’ll try a brown belt next time, with the same sweater and shoes. So, neither of the two comments here are crazy about it, while I’ve had two enthusiastic comments about it on Facebook. It’s a tie… I still like it, maybe just because it is sooo comfortable.


  2. susiehalfpipe

    Hmm … I’m not really a romper fan and you have way too cute of figure to hide it under a baggy romper. Just my take. 🙂



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