Monthly Archives: April 2015

Two Days in a Row… Whaaat? (Fist bump)

Writing a blog post yesterday gave me such pleasure, and I wanted to share something I’ve been thinking about in terms of taking care of myself. I met a couple of times with my trainer at the gym for life coaching recently (was that it? I can’t remember exactly what she called it…). One of the things we talked about was the joy I take in various things: family, work, hobbies, friends, etc. The question was asked several different ways so I could see trends appearing. I came to realize that I’m very happy with my

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Excuses, a Gross Picture, and Sparkles

[Warning: there’s a gross picture of a leg injury below, so don’t scroll down if you’re squeamish.]

Anyway, it’s been awhile. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. It was summer and I was busy with kids and etc., plus not very excited about summer wardrobes. That’s the best part of my excuse (before the downward spiral began! That’s foreshadowing. My sixth grade English teacher would be proud of me).

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