Excuses, a Gross Picture, and Sparkles

[Warning: there’s a gross picture of a leg injury below, so don’t scroll down if you’re squeamish.]

Anyway, it’s been awhile. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. It was summer and I was busy with kids and etc., plus not very excited about summer wardrobes. That’s the best part of my excuse (before the downward spiral began! That’s foreshadowing. My sixth grade English teacher would be proud of me).

2. I broke my ankle in August (on my birthday!) doing the Warrior Dash obstacle course race. I fell on the first obstacle but got up and finished the race, which makes me either a) a badass, or b) stupid. Anyway, I couldn’t work out for about six weeks. I mean, I could have done some upper body stuff, but I didn’t. I was tired… Anyway, with the boot and crutches, getting into a nice outfit was challenging. I do have one photo of broken ankle fashion. Wait, I don’t even remember how to post pictures. H’m… Never mind, remembered how to post pictures but couldn’t find the one of me in my boot. This injury was the beginning of the downfall.

3. Just as I was getting my fitness level back after my broken ankle, I fell doing box jumps in the gym. Landed hard with all my weight on the edge of a plywood box, tore open my shin, and developed an enormous hematoma. It was so swollen it was bigger than my knee. (If interested, see the picture below, sorry but it’s gross… it’s just so amazing to me that I had to include it. That is not my knee, by the way. The knee is out of the picture to the right. That is the “bump!”) The doctor called it a “bone injury” (third doctor, after the first two pooh-poohed the pain — seriously people, it hurt much worse than the broken ankle) and said to stay off it until the swelling went down. (Right. Two weeks before Christmas? Give me a break.) So, I was back to not working out.


4. Family crises followed: mother-in-law with pretty severe dementia fell down the stairs, broke leg, had surgery, moved from hospital to hospital as we tried to find the best place for her. Father-in-law lived with us for two years… I mean, two months. (har har — I love him so much and feel so bad for him, but it was a LONG two months). I stopped answering the phone because every time it rang, it was another crisis with one of them: they were going to kick her out of one hospital, she fell down here, she stole things from other residents there, she hit a nurse. You’d think all of these things were par for the course for people who work with dementia patients, but apparently not. My poor in-laws came for a two week trip from CT to Colorado for Christmas and never got to go home. We have all been very stressed. Thankfully, things have settled down now. Mike and Mary are both in a good place, living separately but in the same building, and the stress level in our household, which was — well, I’ll spare you details, but it is better now.

5. Finally, the biggest reason I haven’t started blogging again is this: in all the health-related and family related shit going on, I have gained 30 POUNDS. Since August. I mean, REALLY? Thirty? So, I am totally depressed about clothing and fashion, and most of my pretty new clothes don’t fit anymore. I would tell you that I have been “eating like a maniac, indulging in sugar and carbs in a really uncontrollable way” and other judgmental comments. But a dear friend told me that I was simply taking care of everyone else in the last few months, and not taking care of myself, which is a much gentler way of looking at things.

So, I am trying to “take care of myself” in addition to everyone else (did I mention both kids are home sick from school this week?) and to eating in a way that will help me feel better. I’m back to working out and plan to do the Warrior Dash again this summer, hopefully without breaking a bone.

As for fashion, I’m still trying to dress in fashionable clothes, but I also find myself going out in sweats a lot more than I’d like. I’m having fun with makeup — I’ve bought a bunch of fun eye shadow colors, with sparkles, and hope I don’t look like an old woman trying to be a young woman. My favorite is this gold foil type eye shadow. Pic of gold eye liner (and crepey eyes).

gold eye liner reduced


Stila Comex Gold mixed (not very well) with Urban Decay Moondust and Nakeds Palette (which is a must have, perfect for blending anything. Looking at this pic, I could have blended more, in fact.)

I’ve also discovered Nordstrom Rack, which is awesome, especially now, so I can buy some great clothes at reduced prices until I my existing ones fit again. If you have one near you but haven’t been, check it out. I always heard about their shoe section… and it totally exceeded my expectations.

I forgot how much fun this is!

Okay, friends, I’ll try to get back to blogging about stuff, but maybe broadening the focus: taking care of yourself, fashion, fitness, kids, work, whatever. Now I’m off to a friend’s to pick up some Disney princess movies for my sick girl. She’s feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days (like, five whole years ago).

6 thoughts on “Excuses, a Gross Picture, and Sparkles

  1. Susiehalfpipe

    So so glad to see you writing again … I LOVE your blog, and your posts on FB when you do them. Yea! And if you really want to share something gross I can send you a pic of my colon!


    1. jennifernastu Post author

      I want to see the pic of your colon again! I deleted it years ago and friends are STILL asking me to show it to them again!


  2. Anonymous

    I’m so glad you’re back! Yes, I’m addicted to N Rack shoes. I think I’ve bought about ten for a total cost of$150.00!



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