Two Days in a Row… Whaaat? (Fist bump)

Writing a blog post yesterday gave me such pleasure, and I wanted to share something I’ve been thinking about in terms of taking care of myself. I met a couple of times with my trainer at the gym for life coaching recently (was that it? I can’t remember exactly what she called it…). One of the things we talked about was the joy I take in various things: family, work, hobbies, friends, etc. The question was asked several different ways so I could see trends appearing. I came to realize that I’m very happy with my

family life and, though I’m super happy with my friendships, I tend to isolate myself and not touch base with friends when I’m stressed. I also realized (though I knew this already, but I guess I needed to be reminded) how important writing and the outdoors are to me.

Other than snowboarding, which I didn’t do enough of this year, I haven’t spent much time outdoors in recent months. And I haven’t done any writing of my own (other than work stuff) in ages. (Look, I don’t blog for nearly a year and already I’m back with a major emphasis on parenthetical phrases). Jen pointed out that this could be one reason why I haven’t felt like myself lately, haven’t been treating myself kindly, eating healthfully, etc. So I made a commitment to reach out to friends more, start my blog again, and spend more time outside, and I already feel so much better.

Last weekend I took my easy-set-up camping hammock to a glade of secluded trees off the bike path near our house and set it up between two boughs of a dead cottonwood tree. The tree was so dead, in fact, that I feared for life and limb (get it?) but I went out on a limb (get it?) and set it up anyway, settled in with my kindle, and read a great book for a couple hours. Bliss, I tell you. Sheer bliss. I could hear kids playing soccer, folks on the bike path, dogs… But nobody could see me. And I could hear the wind, and feel the sun, and, well, it was awesome.

Here’s me on the hammock:


I was reading Still Alice, by the way, which was terrific but a tough read, in light of my mother-in-law.

More on the outdoors: I came across this picture on a friend’s Facebook page and it made me smile. It’s me, climbing a high wall during the warrior dash. Mind you, this was with a broken ankle (though I didn’t realize it at the time). Look how happy I am! Also, I’m wearing a crown because it was my birthday.


Finally, here’s today’s outfit. You know what I learned today? That when I play with more dramatic eye makeup (darker) I end up looking like a walk-on (or should it be “shamble-on?”) character on The Walking Dead. I think I’d best stay with the cream colors and light pinks and silver. Luckily I have some pink with sparkles (at heart I am seven years old).


The shirt is Free People (haven’t you missed hearing me going on and on about that brand? No? Really?) and I love the sleeves but don’t think it’s particularly flattering. But whatever…

Okay, friends. Thanks for reading. Would love to hear your own challenges on taking care of yourself, and your solutions, as well.

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