How Cheap Is Too Cheap? Also, Thoughts on Self Image

I received such an inspiring comment from a woman yesterday who wrote about losing weight and how she gets extra movement going on by dancing in line at Walmart. She added that one of the wonderful things about aging is that you get to stop worrying about what other people think of you.

I’m definitely not as worried about what people think as I used to be. I’ve been known to do squats or toe raises while waiting in line when I’m bored, and I’m constantly singing in public without really realizing I’m doing it (and I don’t get embarrassed when the person passing me on the street comments about it). But I still have a hard time with worrying about what other people think about my weight. I know, it’s the whole culture thing, and magazines and models and movie stars being a size negative two, and obsession over “thigh gap.” But I would think I would be beyond that by age 46! As I continue this fashion journey, I have a difficult time being as excited about it as I was last year before I gained a bunch of weight. (Note to self: work on the whole self image thing.)

Still, reading a comment from someone who called me “an inspiration” was truly inspiring to me, in turn (thank you, anonymous commenter!). So I will continue the journey.

So back to style: I’ve been thinking about costume jewelry and wondering, “how cheap is too cheap?” I bought a funky necklace at Kohl’s recently (wait, actually my mom bought it for me – thanks mom!), and my son gave me another one for Mother’s Day (thanks, mike!). They were $15 bucks each, and they sort of look it. So, do I look stylish or tacky? I don’t want to be some schoolmarm type who wears cheap, chunky beads and glasses on a chain. (Of course, that’s what I remember from being in school 30 years ago. Today, all my kids’ teachers are very fashionable.)

But back to my point: stylish or tacky? Check it out.




(Why why why are the two pictures of the necklaces upside down?! They weren’t when I took them. My kids could fix that for me, but God knows I can’t.)

What do you think? By the way, the picture of me wearing the necklace was taken just after my workout at the gym. Ignore the running bra…

Here’s one more pic of a “cheap” necklace.




7 thoughts on “How Cheap Is Too Cheap? Also, Thoughts on Self Image

  1. Daun

    FYI You were always an inspiration to me at our workouts. You keep the bar high for yourself which motivated me to work harder too! PS I’m glad you are writing this again! And love the haircut!


    1. jennifernastu Post author

      Thanks, Daun. I could use a little inspiration at workouts myself these days. I went yesterday for the first time in a few months, came late and left early… and can barely walk today! And by the way, you’re an inspiration yourself with the work you’re doing with women in business these days.


  2. Deanna

    First, you are beautiful…inside and out! Pulling off any chunky necklace, IMHO, is a serious accomplishment, no matter the cost. I can’t do it at all so I’m usually in awe of those who can. I’m not sure I’ve ever been aware of whether or not a necklace is cheap or expensive, just more amazed when someone can make one work with an outfit. I think you do it well!!


  3. Deanna

    I think ‘cheap’ depends the type of necklace. The first two necklaces are very in style right now and I’m not sure spending a bunch of money on them makes them worth any more as they are costume jewelry. They will go out of style fast and I hate being left with expensive trash. On chains and metal jewelry type of things I like to invest as I can always get my money back or pass it down. I have bought cheap silver jewelry before and get really upset when a few months later the ‘silver’ rubs off. My favorite place to buy sterling is T.J.’s. It costs about the same as costume and will last forever. Wear something great with the costume jewelry and sing!


  4. Lisa

    They are totally in style and look great on you – especially with the sports bra! And if you like them you should rock them! That’s what fashion is to me these days…especially here in Colorado. There are no formal rules. I wear anything from handmade necklaces to diamonds and everything in between. Just depends on my mood and nothing else. I hate nothing more than showing up to a woman’s group outing and everyone has the same style and accessories.


  5. Susiehalfpipe

    You are totes adorb! Love the pic of you with that necklace. I’m not a super big fan of beads though so I’m not sure I’d like the first few necklaces simply for that reason rather than their cost.


    1. jennifernastu Post author

      Ok, you all have such great thoughts! And such encouragement. I like the idea of wearing everything from homemade jewelry to diamonds and everything in between, and also the difference between costume jewelry (it’s ok to go cheap) and silver jewelry (spend more to last). Also TJs for silver — never would have thought of that! And the encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing and trust myself… it’s all inspiring to me. Thanks!



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