Why Must My Husband Mock Me? Can’t MAWs Wear Pink Shoes?

So this guy came to measure my windows this morning and when I opened the door for him, he had a box in his hands. “Found this on the steps,” he said. I’m sorry to say that I may have clapped my hands and/or said, “Yay!” and straightaway began opening the box, before realizing that I probably should invite the guy in and show him my windows, seeing as that’s why he was there and all. But as soon as he was engaged with his electronic measuring gadget-thing, I tore into it and lifted out…

 Back story: I felt a hankering for pink shoes last week, and Cole Haan was having a sale, and their shoes are super comfortable, and Paul had been on a buying spree shopping for… well, I won’t say what he has been buying, but he purchased five of them, and they were expensive. So anyway, I felt justified in ordering these loafers from Cole Haan and they arrived today. They’re a little more pink than I expected. And I had hoped for more rounded toes. But I like them. I think. I’m not really sure.


 Tonight, I held them up for Paul to assess: his eyes opened wide and he blurted out, “No!” Then he added,  “God, no.” And then, “What would you wear them with, your cheerleading skirt?” And then, “They look like pony shoes.” (I’m pretty sure he meant saddle shoes; you know, pony, saddle, same difference.) Well. H’mph.

So I took them into Lizzie’s room and held them up: her eyes also grew wide and there was a long silence. I held my breath. Then she said, “I have to wear those.” And then, “Mom, please, when can I wear those?”

I went back to Paul and said, in an “I told you so” tone of voice, that Lizzie loved them. And he answered, with logic that may be irrefutable, “Yes, honey, but she’s a teenager. You’re a MAW.”

Now, on the one hand, I was flattered that he used my made-up terminology. (Hooray! I’m a MAW! My new word is legit!) On the other, I was annoyed: does he really think I can’t pull off cute pink shoes? H’m. Maybe I shouldn’t try, I don’t know.

Either way, I’m keeping them. And I have to wear them tomorrow, because of Lizzie. The conversation went like this:

Lizzie: Mom, can I wear your new pink shoes on Friday?
Me: I don’t think so. I haven’t even worn them yet.
Lizzie: But I have to! Because I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow night! So I have to wear something really cute on Friday!
Me: But I haven’t even worn them yet. [Hoping repetition would strengthen my resolve]
Lizzie: Then you can wear them tomorrow. Obviously.

See, my family out-logics me every time, and I give in to each and every one of them (including the dogs and bunny but excluding the fish) because I am a sucker for those I love. Which means I will be wearing the pink shoes tomorrow, and will ask for your feedback then. (Note: I will not wear them with my cheerleader skirt. I do not have a cheerleader skirt. I have never had a cheerleader skirt. I never wanted a cheerleader skirt… except in seventh grade when I tried out for cheerleader but didn’t make the cut and cried. A lot. So why would Paul mock me with cheerleader-skirt references? I thought he loved me.)

I bought the Cole Haan pink wingtips from the Cole Haan outlet store, for $119.95, down from $198.  

On a different topic, a friend told me she liked how I did my “smokey” eyes, so I took some pictures and will give a tutorial tomorrow on how I (amateurishly) do my eyes. Remember, it’s all about the process and I never claimed to be a makeup expert and I’m learning aout makeup as I go along, but if you want to experiment with me, you can check it out in a day or two.


2 thoughts on “Why Must My Husband Mock Me? Can’t MAWs Wear Pink Shoes?

  1. Anonymous

    You are not your Mother’s daughter and can’t possibly be my niece.
    Waiting to open your box of shoes to have your windows measured?
    Perhaps you were trying to impress your followers that you were not rude.
    Did you really wait till he left to put on those very cute pink shoes?


  2. Kit Dunsmore

    I think the advantage to being older is you can wear whatever the hell you want. If you love it, wear it. Better to be in clothing you find comfortable and attractive than trying to live by someone else’s standards. I’ll bet those pink shoes look awesome with a nice pair of jeans!



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