Scary Mean Girls  Can Become Really Awesome Women

Raise your hand if you remember how awful girls could be in junior high and high school. Yep, I thought so. Remember agonizing over whether you said something stupid to the popular group at lunchtime? Or wearing something to school that looked totally awesome at home in front of your own mirror, but you realize the minute you walk in the door that it is somehow all wrong and you have to wear it all day feeling ashamed and awkward in front of the girls who obviously had it all together? Or when a group of girls behind you in the hallway burst into giggles and you were convinced they were laughing at you? (If you don’t remember, just watch Mean Girls.)

Of course, maybe you were one of the girls who were blessed with the utmost confidence and figured everyone else could go to hell. (I sure wasn’t but I’ve been told they exist and I actually suspect that Lizzie may be one). But if other girls scared you back then, have you noticed how nice women are once they reach middle age? Maybe it’s because I’m more comfortable in my own skin now, but it’s so much easier to chat with strangers, isn’t it? In high school there was absolutely no way I would go up to a table of strange girls at lunchtime, sit down and introduce myself, and begin chatting. NO WAY IN HELL. Could you go into a new school where you didn’t know anyone and just plop yourself down anywhere at all? But women today are so great. At a party or wherever, they’re all: it’s so great to meet you, and these are all my best friends, and do you want to be one of our best friends, too? It’s like there’s often this instant bond, just because we’re at the same life stage or something.

I joined this book group a couple of years ago and I only knew one person and was totally nervous and by the end of the first meeting we were all hugging and have been great friends ever since (in fact, they may have hugged me at the beginning of the first meeting, before they even knew a thing about me). And I never, ever, ever have that scary feeling that my friends are talking about me behind my back. Or if they are, it’s because they’re worried about me and they’re just touching base with each other to figure out how to approach me about it.

So as a friend reminded me in her comments here, a huge benefit of our age is being able to wear whatever we want and tell the rest of the world to f*** off. (Including my husband who hates my shoes, though? Probably not…)

About those Cole Haan shoes: Thursday I wore a pair of cropped jeans, a pink tank top under a white denim jacket, and a scarf with romping rabbits on it (thanks, Angel!) in a couple of different shades of pink. Then my stupid cold got worse and I ended up not leaving the house (even for singing, so you know it was bad) and never even put the damn shoes on. G’rrrr… However, I do have to go to Old Town with Lizzie to get her hair cut so I’ll get to wear them then.

  Oh, shoot, you know what? I just realized that maybe it’s not our age that make women so nice. Maybe it’s that I live in Colorado where EVERYONE is nice, which would make this whole blog post completely random and irrelevant… Or maybe not. Because the point is, whether people are nice or not, we have the right (and as adults, the confidence) to ignore the rest of the world if we need to.

I haven’t forgotten about my eye makeup tutorial; I’ll do over the weekend.

Love all you MAWs out there. Keep reading and tell your friends.

3 thoughts on “Scary Mean Girls  Can Become Really Awesome Women

  1. Anonymous

    We wear pink on Wednesday’s 😂. Angel is amazing for finding you a rabbit scarf! This is an adorable outfit, so cute! Maybe it is Colorado. People here are really nice. But don’t go telling everyone else that, they keep moving here as is. Maybe delete this post….


  2. Anonymous

    Once again: yay to you, Jennifer Nastu. And no, I don’t think it’s just bc you live in Colorado, but that your first instinct was right: women care about one another, and after a certain age, (like the horrible JH age) aren’t intimidated by or envious of one another. But what about us EW?



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