I Refuse to Name this Post

I quit. I can’t do it anymore. 

What is it that I can no longer do? LIFE. I cannot do life today. Tomorrow I will get my life mojo back. But not today. I’ll spell it out for you: Today, I refused to:

–drive Michael and his friends to a movie

–drive Michael and his friends to the corner store to buy candy

–take Lizzie to JoAnn’s for craft stuff or to the Halloween store

–make Lizzie’s doctor appt.

–make my own doctor appt

–make an appointment to take the car in

–talk to the person about the shitty job they did on the blinds

–walk the dogs

–put on shoes

–answer questions: any question, from any person

–make a plan (any plan, for any thing)

–look for anything

–put my shoes away (they’re sitting on the floor because I took them off and refuse to put them back on)


These are the shoes I refuse to put on or put away. Jessica Simpson, from Nordstrom Rack.

–put categories or tags or images into this blog post*

–get Michael a band-aid or even commiserate with him when he said he cut himself with a knife. (Is blood dripping on the floor? No? Then it’s not a problem. Yes? Then get your own band-aid and then clean up the floor).**

–use correct grammar or punctuation or proofread or edit

–go to the movies with Paul

–leave this chair

–wash my face (but I did brush my teeth)

–hold my rabbit (but I did feed her)

–tell anyone about my day

–ask anyone about their day

–answer the door

–answer the phone

–wipe a counter or empty the dishwasher or clean dishes out of the sink

–find the Ibuprofen for the kids. Sore throat? Headache? Sorry. I think it’s in one of the drawers in the bathroom. You can find it. (They are old enough to do this. They are not five or even eight. So back off.)

–call anyone on the phone (Wait, I did call someone. I called Paul, from the family room. He was in the den. I coughed and sniffed and told him that I wouldn’t be at work tomorrow, I was going to have to take the day off because I was very ill. Yes, he’s sort of, but not really, my “boss,” so I figured I’d give him a little warning. He told me to go to bed and to take it easy and to not hurry back until I was totally better. It was very sweet. But I think he was just playing along with me.)

–feel guilty when Paul acts pathetic and sad because I am sitting alone in my chair. All day. 

There are many other things I didn’t do today, like go to war or find a cure for AIDS or build a tree house or dig to China or go hunting for a heffalump (anyone?). But at least nobody ASKED me to do these things. The things above that I refused to do were either asked of me or expected of me (some of them expected of me by nobody but me). Anyway, I also refuse to write any more today.

*I know I refused to put any pictures in this post, but the shoes make me happy (even when I refuse to put them on) so I threw them in here as a bonus.

**There was no cut on his arm, from a knife or anything else.

3 thoughts on “I Refuse to Name this Post

  1. elizabeth maher

    Hallelujah sister!!!! I am with you!! Most days I wish I could quit life… I think it is called menopause. I hope you get your mojo back tomorrow if you do and figure out how to get it back please let me know.



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