Technology Tears plus Thoughts on Short Bodies

I have been asked to include better pictures when I post items about style, but have been challenged by the fact that I have no initiative when it comes to technology. But now I am happy to announce that my photos should be improving. Here’s why:

I went to Best Buy to try to get a small tripod for my iPhone which would allow me to take full-body pictures. The Best Buy guy convinced me that what I really wanted was a “selfie stick,” and I am sorry I bought it for two reasons: 1) I do not like to own up to the fact that I own something called a selfie stick, and 2) I appear to have something wrong with my elbow/forearm, which causes pain and weakness when I try to grip anything in my left hand; holding the, you know, the thing (don’t make me say it) out at arm’s length to take a picture is actually quite painful.

Aside: I will not blame the unknown injury on middleage. I think it’s because I use two memory foam pillows at night, and those suckers are really heavy. I shove my left arm under the pillows to sleep and usually wake up with no feeling on that side. (Note to self: do something about this problem as time allows.)

Still, the stick thing should help me to take full-length pictures if I can figure out the best way to use, the best angle at which to hold it (felt like using proper grammer there) and the best way to not grimace in pain while shooting the picture.

The other reason that my photos should improve is that I flung my phone onto the asphalt of a parking lot today, and my $12 Mickey Mouse case, which had protected the phone for years in similar instances, wasn’t up to the challenge. The phone shattered, so I was forced, by circumstances, to purchase an iPhone 6s. This means that a) I can take much, much better pictures because the phone camera is far superior to what I had, I am told, and b) I now have the newest version of the iPhone in the house, which has never happened. (That knowledge actually makes me feel more smug than I expected.)

Please know that I did not fling the phone because I was hoping it would shatter in the quest for better blog pictures. Nor did I slam it in a fit of pique. It was simply the kind of accident that I engage in on a daily basis.

The AT&T guy (not to be confused with the Best Buy guy) assured me that it was easy to back up my old phone and then restore that backup to the new phone. Doubtful of my abilities — and his assurances — I asked him, “Is there any way I can screw this up?” He looked thoughtful for a second, then said, “Well, yeah, you could potentially lose all the data from your current phone. But not if you do it right.” Which didn’t make me feel any better.

Anyway, I easily backed up my old phone and then did EVERYTHING HE TOLD ME TO DO to restore all that data onto my new phone, which, predictably, did not work. The screen that he said would pop up, which would lead me through a couple of simple steps to completion, did not pop up, despite my begging, cursing, and crying. I stormed tearfully through the house and thrust the new phone into Lizzie’s hands, at which time she easily solved the problem and explained it in three simple words: “It’s already restored.”

Somehow, I had made it happen without even knowing it! Yay, me!

Back to style: Here are a couple of pictures of a recent outfit I tried out. I have read that middleaged women should not wear jeans with holes in them, but the fact is, I LIKE jeans with holes in them. So there. I have a fear, though: you guys have told me that you like my sort of “funky” look, but I don’t want to end up like one of those eccentric aunties that people “just love to death” but also look down upon condescendingly. More on that another time. 

This picture is my first attempt with the selfie stick. The angle, along with the white tank top under the tunic, makes my chest look like the main attraction here, which was not my intention. I think that is just the photo and wasn’t a problem in real life, but I could be wrong.


Selfie stick pic #1: Free People tunic, black infinity scarf, black wedge heel Converse high tops


Tried rolling the jeans up to show off the tops of the sneaks, but it didn’t look great. See below.

One of the things I’ve discovered about style in the past couple of years is that, with my body type, I look better in scarves that hang down rather than in those wrapped tightly around my neck. In the same vein, I think I look better with longer necklaces rather than chokers. I think the longer lines with my accessories work better because I have short-ish legs. They give the illusion of elongation.

That’s the same shirt, with a scarf hanging down rather than wrapped around my neck. Doesn’t it make me look about 30 pounds lighter? (Just kidding: in this second picture, I was 30 pounds lighter. I would say “LOL.” Except it’s not really funny…)

I have also come across a few other things that make my short legs appear longer:

1) Much as I love to roll my jeans cuffs up a couple of inches above the tops of my shoes, as is the style, it interrupts the eye and seems to make me look stockier. If I do roll or fold my cuffs, I make sure they still come all the way down over the shoes.

2) I had read that shoes with ankle straps make the legs look shorter, and experimented with that in skirts. In fact, I think it’s true! Again, the strap interrupts the lines. Interestingly, I haven’t noticed the same effect when I’m wearing pants and shoes with ankle straps, if the pants are not cuffed too high.

3) Wearing a thin belt higher on my waist can make my legs look longer and my torso shorter, a good look for me.

I’ve also heard that pointy-toed shoes make you look taller. So here’s my question: if ankle straps make you look shorter but pointy toes make you look taller, do these shoes make you look your actual height? They’re adorable, in any case.


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