Monthly Archives: February 2016

Lifestyle Inspiration: 4 Revelations

Is it a “thing” that middleaged women tend to look at their lives, their lifestyles, and wonder what their purpose is, where they’re going? Because I’ve had some serious thoughts along these lines in the last couple of months. I’ll share them, but they require a preface, beginning with this shocking news: 

I did not nap today. 

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Life of a SMAW in NYC, Episode 1: Life after Middleaged Breakup

Introducing the SMAW and Her Angels: Coming Back to Life after a Middleaged Breakup
Hello MAW friends! My name is Cindee. Jen and I go waay back to high school and have had the really good fortune of reconnecting. I’m going to be guesting whenever Jen feels like putting me on. I hope you like/relate to/are amused by my stories…
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