Even Models Don’t Look Like Models, Probably

Now I know why photo shoots for models take so long. (Well, I’m told they take a long time. I wouldn’t know from personal experience.) I was taking a picture of myself for this blog, and here’s how the process went: 

  • Did hair and makeup, got dressed. 
  • Set up phone camera; set up phone camera again. Re-angled phone camera. Phone fell over. Set up phone again.
  • Set camera timer, ran into position, took picture. 
  • Looked at picture; sighed. 
  • Went to the bathroom, boosted my boobs. Checked teeth for lipstick. 
  • Hit the timer on phone camera again; realized the camera was about to take picture while I was still bent over arranging it; smiled. 
  • Hey, cute picture! And look, my boobs are perky. 

I cropped this a bit because there was too much cleavage, but trust me, they looked good.

  • Set up phone again. Took picture. 
  • Looked at picture: the drape of the shirt made me look pregnant. 
  • Rearranged drape of shirt in mirror. Took picture: posture looked awkward, like I was trying to get hand in pocket but didn’t have time and left it resting on hip in a strange way (which is what happened). 
  • Practiced pose. Stretched lips to get rid of fake-smile feeling.
  • Set timer on camera, ran into position, smiled.
  • Checked picture: ah-ha! Acceptable. However, I am now late for my singing lesson and will miss ten minutes of my favorite hour of the week because of vanity. 

Giant sweater is Free People, shirt is Free People, jeans are Joe’s Jeans, shoes are Cole Haan, shirts behind me on the door have been hanging there for about a month…

But it’s all for you, because obviously you are fascinated about my outfits, so I didn’t mind too much.

Anyway, I decided to take a picture that day because I was wearing a sweater I don’t usually like to wear; in it, I feel bulky and bunchy in it. But it was a cold spring day and I wanted warmth and cuddliness. So I tried to make it cute. I felt cute. Gina (singing teacher) said I looked cute. She said I looked cuddly. I felt cuddly. Success!

Also, remember I wrote a week or two ago about using white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and brighter? The picture I took was sort of dark and you couldn’t see the effect of the eyeliner. I’m not sure you can here, either, but I’m including it for what it’s worth.

In the above picture, you can see the white eyeliner, just a touch. I smudged it until you don’t really notice it’s there but it has a nice effect. Either that, or my eyes just look big because it’s such a close-up selfie.

While on the subject of style and clothes, Lizzie and I went to Nordstrom Rack yesterday to buy dresses for Easter (Orthodox Easter was May 1 this year). As always, I gravitated right to the back of the store for the flowy, summery, casual dresses. 

Since she’s about a foot taller than me, the dress is a little longer on me…

This is the one I got, above. I also tried on the one below. It was a baby doll dress. I really want to be the kind of person who can still wear a baby doll dress. It was super cute, just, you know, not on me.

Totes adorbs…

Anyway, as we left the store, we passed racks of what I call “grown-up lady dresses.” I pointed them out to Lizzie. “See, those are the dresses I should be wearing. Tailored. Classy.”

Should I be wearing this?

“No,” Lizzie said. “You look better in the stuff you wear. Besides, my friends think you’re cool with what you wear.”

I have never particularly aspired to be the ‘cool mom,’ but I must admit to a feeling of pride. It’s the little things in life, you know?

Til next time,



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