Two Tips for Becoming a Fall Fashionista

I’m feeling sort of fashion-y today because of the change in seasons and the resulting opportunity to wear different outfits, so I’m going back to the roots of this blog for a bit of non-professional fashion advice.

Do you ever have a hard time remembering what you like in terms of clothes, or finding the right place to shop, or knowing your size? Or, when you shop online, you can’t tell  what will look good? Something might look great on the model but converts itself in the mail to something frumpy and lackluster before it arrives on your doorstep. Or, it looks frumpy and bland online but might look amazing on you. 

So here’s two tips:

Tip #1. When you’re shopping and find something fabulous, and you buy it and love it and it becomes your favorite whatever, take note of the brand, style and size. Then, when you have a little extra clothing allowance to spend (or when you have no clothing allowance but you feel like you deserve something new, and by golly, that should be all the time), you can shop specifically for that brand. Clothing companies tend to repeat themselves: they’ll take something out of commission but launch new styles similar to last season’s offerings. Maybe you love a blazer you bought and next season you want another, different one so you don’t wear the same thing every day. If you’ve got the brand and size in mind, it’s likely you’ll find something similar but different. The jacket will probably fit you in the same way as the last one and will be equally flattering, but will be different enough to add flair to your wardrobe.

Case in point: I tried on this T-shirt from Lucky Brand ($39.50 from Macy’s which I know is expensive for a T-shirt but I got it anyway, so shut up, because I really needed a grey T). I really wasn’t in love with it, but when I tried it on, it looked adorable and flattering.

Please note: this is not me.

I wear it often, so it made sense to buy another. I searched “Lucky Brand T-shirt” online and found this one on Amazon. It looked cute but not amazing. Still, being the optimistic person that I am, I ordered it, hoping it would be as cute as the other. 

This also is not me. Note that the link above is from Lord & Taylor and not Amazon, because it’s on sale for $15 cheaper. You’re welcome.

I ordered a large, though I’m usually an extra large (thank you, giant bosom), because I tried on the grey one in the store and knew the extra large was too big. See how smart I am?? So here’s me in the new T.

Can’t think of a caption but WordPress is urging me to use one. So, here it is.

And here’s me in the whole outfit (jacket and sunglasses included, thank you, autumn!).

I love layering…Much more fun than summer outfits.

This could have been explained more concisely, but I haven’t spoken more than a dozen words to anyone yet today and I feel chatty. (If this was later today, after I have a beer with my friend Kathy and spend two hours talking nonstop, I’d be tired of yakking and this would be shorter. Actually, no. After a beer I get more chatty. Be thankful I’m writing this now and not then.)

To summarize: Find what you like, remember the brand and style, then use that info to make future shopping more successful.

Tip #2. CRAP! WHAT WAS TIP #2? Ah! I remembered. If I hadn’t, it would have driven me nuts all day. Then I would have remembered later when I was out with Kathy, and would rush home to write about it, and this post would be even longer than it is. And probably annoying.

OK, so Tip #2 is this: Bralettes. Now, a “something-lette” hints that it is the “something” only smaller. Bralettes are not actually smaller (hopefully) than your regular bra. If they were, they wouldn’t fit and you’d be falling out of them, which the teenage girls don’t seem to mind, but which I do. 

If you haven’t jumped on the bralette wagon, check ’em out. They’re great for shirts that fall off the shoulder. You don’t have to worry about your greying, unraveling granny bra strap showing, and can instead proudly flaunt your colorful, lacy sexiness. Or if you’re wearing a low-cut shirt (front OR back), the bralette looks cute, so you don’t have to go braless. (I know going braless is an option for some of you, but bralessness is definitely not an option for me). (Spellcheck wants to change “bralessness” to “brainless.” Just what are you insinuating, WordPress?) 

In the pics of me, above, you can just see the straps of my bralette (I’m beginning to really hate that word). It adds a bit of flair to the shirt, right? They’re like layering, but without adding extra warmth. 

Bralettes are cheaper than $80 bras from Victoria’s Secret and are in fun colors and styles. You can get them pretty much everywhere now, from Nordstrom to Aeropostale (which I try to avoid at all costs but which I am often dragged into by Lizzie because she is a teenage girl and can’t help herself). Bralette sizing can be weird, so make sure to bring a couple sizes with you to the dressing room. Otherwise, you have to get completely dressed again to run out and grab a different size, and then get undressed again to try it on, and then dressed again to leave the store, and that shit can ruin your day (and your hair).

These are from Aeropostale because the picture showed the most styles, but I discourage you from going there because it’s crowded and the median age is, like, 12, and it’s hard to get a dressing room, and the checkout people tend to not really know what they’re doing.

Anyway, friends, that’s what I’ve got for today. Buy bralettes and remember your favorite brands the next time you shop.

Have fun until next time!



PS: I’m going to try to edit this now so hopefully by the time you read it, there will be fewer words. 

PPS: I cut as many words as I could. I hope you stuck with me all the way through, because if not, you won’t “like” it on Facebook or WordPress, and you won’t forward it to your friends, and I will be sad.

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