My Short Love Affair with Zoe, plus How to Mix Patterns

You know what’s exciting, in a Christmas-y kind of way? Getting a box in the mail, a box full of clothes that you will probably love and that will probably be in your size but that you have no idea what is in there (I apparently wasn’t up to the challenge of that grammatically tricky sentence). Anyway, that exciting Christmas feeling is what I got with my first box from Stitch Fix. I promise, this is not an ad or a sponsored article. I wish it was, and that Stitch Fix would pay me. In free Fixes. (Stitch Fix people, hint hint…)

With Stitch Fix, you fill out a style profile (sizes, preferences, etc.) and your own personal “stylist” sends five clothing items as often as you request (I asked for every other month). Along with the clothes, there’s a cute little pamphlet with outfit ideas built around the items in the box. The outfits in the pamphlet can be torn off separately, like little recipe cards. (Wait, is that so I can put them in, like, an outfit-recipe box to browse for ideas when I don’t know what to wear, and mix and match them with future Fix items? That’s brilliant, Stitch Fix! I tip my hat to you.) 

My box included a chatty note from my stylist with suggestions on how to pair the clothes. Now, being the suspicious person I am, I didn’t really believe I’d have a personal stylist. I figured some anonymous worker-person who happened to pull up my profile that day would look at my preferences and wing it. But the note in my box was definitely personalized, which I know because she referred to a couple of the things I wrote in my profile, and was signed “Zoe. XO.” 

I’m really happy to have Zoe because I could use a stylist as a friend since Nordstrom Liz ditched me and took a marketing position for a trucking equipment company (seriously). Anyway, I think Zoe really likes me because she gave me a kiss and a hug, as you can see. I sent her a link to my Pinterest account, and she said she enjoyed browsing it. She’s very supportive.

I had written in my style profile that I wanted to try mixing different patterns, so two of my items were a sleeveless blouse with tiny stars and a striped skirt. They’re in the same color scheme but of different patterns, which Zoe said would work well. And, seeing as we’re best friends and all, I trusted her and wore the outfit today.

Stars on the blouse, stripey skirt…

I was enchanted with this outfit and felt pretty all day, but looking at this picture, it seems sort of, maybe,  – is it matronly? Maybe I need to add a cute denim jacket? Or some statement jewelry? Zoe, what would you suggest??? I should have gone with the red shoes! A belt?

I originally paired the outfit with red flats, but Liz said it was too Fourth-of-July.

Oh, no. I was just looking at some Stitch Fix stuff online and learned through the grapevine that my personal stylist may be different each time. So, Zoe is probably cheating on me with another customer already! Apparently, you can request a particular stylist if you want to stick with the same person, so I could ask for Zoe again, but if she’s already moved on, I’m not going to beg her to take me back, because that shit just leads to misery. If she doesn’t love me for who I am, well… I don’t need a pity-stylist.

Still, I feel so betrayed.

Lizzie was with me when I received my box and immediately said – which I expected and which was why I hadn’t told her about it in the first place – “That’s not fair! I want a surprise box of clothes, too!” She immediately filled out her own style profile and said, in her usual random way, “I hope my stylist’s name is Carly.” I let Lizzie order a single box for her birthday and told her we’d play it by ear and see whether Carly is any good. I hope Carly treats Lizzie better than Zoe treated me. High school is difficult enough without adding an unhealthy relationship.

I’ll let you know about how it goes (and about my relationship with my new stylist) when my next box arrives. 

Have fun ’til next time,



PS: Zoe, if by some random chance you’re reading this, please know that there are no hard feelings. I loved everything in the first box and you did a great job. Good luck with your future style clients and I wish you nothing but the best.

PPS: the t-shirt in the featured image is another item from my Fix. It’s super cute paired with skinny jeans and a pair of colorful strappy heels. There was also a pair of slim-fit trousers in a very subdued maroon-ish plaid which Lizzie said were beyond awful until I tried them on and then she liked them. I’m sending those back for a different size, though. The fifth item was a swingy maroon blouse with grommet details on the hem. Darling and a little more dressy than I usually wear, which is something I requested. 

Your thoughts?

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