Top 7 MAW Posts of the Last 5 Years – And the Winner Is…

As an exercise in I don’t know what (halting boredom in its tracks, maybe), I spent some time this morning looking back on my blogging career to see what I could see. And what I learned was:

Boy, am I inconsistent!

I’m all over the place, you guys. For example, in 2014 (my first year), I posted a prolific 43 times; in 2017, only 6. In 2019, 10 posts. But the cool thing is, you all seem to be sticking with me, so thanks for that!

I also learned that, in my earlier years, when I was writing almost exclusively about fashion for middleaged women (MAWs), it took a lot of posts to drive an itsy-bitsy amount of traffic. In 2016, when I began backing off from the whole fashion thing and focusing instead on how middleaged women like us can find our passion, have fun in our lives, come into our own, and celebrate who we are, page-views started jumping. – which is great, because it turns out that fashion, while interesting in (very) small doses, is pretty darn dull when you try to write about it 37 thousand times in a row.

In other words:

It’s easier to be passionate about what you’re writing when you’re writing about something that makes you passionate.

Ha! I guess that should have been self-explanatory.

Anyway, just for kicks, I pulled my seven top non-fashion-related posts for your reading pleasure, in order of least to most popular. Hope you enjoy. And, as always, send thoughts, comments, love and support… or even hurl curses if you must. I just like hearing from you.

7. Note to Self: Don’t Force Solutions, Just Do the Next Right Thing
(This one is only a week old and is already my seventh most popular post. I guess it struck a nerve.)

6. Like It Or Not, Let the Colors Swirl

5. What Will I Do When Everyone Hates Me?

4. Something Good May Come of This (but It Still Sucks)

3. The Insane Spiral of Adulting

2. Quiz: Are You Having a Midlife Crisis?

1. What Happens When You Say Yes
(Answer: you end up dressed as Wonder Woman doing aerial dance in a drafty barn in front of a bunch of tipsy wine-drinkers – my most popular post of all time!)

Hey, do you have a favorite? I’d love to know which one it is.

Have fun til next time,

Your thoughts?

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