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Technology Tears plus Thoughts on Short Bodies

I have been asked to include better pictures when I post items about style, but have been challenged by the fact that I have no initiative when it comes to technology. But now I am happy to announce that my photos should be improving. Here’s why:
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I Know It’s Unnecessary but I Really Want It

No, it’s not shoes…

Is it just Paul or do all middleaged husbands out there want your wives to have long hair? Paul seems to continue to see me as a teenager rather than a MAW and wants me to forever sport the same perky ponytail as I did in twelfth grade. But that once-cute ponytail has become increasingly less perky, and I wanted something short, sassy and fun. So I cut it off. (Sorry, honey!)

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Wait, Was that a Heart Attack?

As I’ve mentioned, I have lost my momentum to work out and eat healthy in the last year, resulting in a loss of my strong and lovely Warrior Dash muscles. All my best efforts to gain motivation were in vain: every day I told my trainer that I’d be there the next day for boot camp and every “next day” I spent too long on the couch with my coffee, thinking, “Tomorrow I’ll definitely start up again. After all, tomorrow is another day.” (Gone with the Wind is my favorite book, sorry.)

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Is This My Underwear? Also 4 Important Secrets…

Important tip for when you’re dressing: if you’re stepping into your underwear, and it feels uncomfortably tight since the last time you wore them a week ago, don’t automatically jump to the horrifying conclusion that you’ve gained so much weight since last week that your underwear doesn’t fit (or perhaps the even more horrifying conclusion that your husband is having an affair with a much skinnier woman and she inexplicably left her underwear in your drawer); instead, consider that you might be trying to pull them up to your waist through one of the leg holes.

Yes, that happened.

Now listen up because I have two things to say:

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Do You Love Your… (Teaser Meant to Make You Read On)

Before I write about my new love, I have to say that I just got a case for my iPad that has a keyboard, so I can post more easily. Because I just can’t type quickly with the stupid little iPad keyboard. I’m just writing randomly here because this keyboard is so nice. Wow. I’m typing really fast. If you could see

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How Cheap Is Too Cheap? Also, Thoughts on Self Image

I received such an inspiring comment from a woman yesterday who wrote about losing weight and how she gets extra movement going on by dancing in line at Walmart. She added that one of the wonderful things about aging is that you get to stop worrying about what other people think of you.

I’m definitely not as worried about what people think as I used to be. I’ve been known to do squats or toe raises while waiting in line when I’m bored, and I’m constantly singing in public without really realizing I’m doing it (and I don’t get embarrassed when the person passing me on the street comments about it). But I still have a hard time with worrying about what other people think about my weight. I know, it’s the whole culture thing, and magazines and models and movie stars being a size negative two, and obsession over “thigh gap.” But I would think I would be beyond that by age 46! As I continue this fashion journey, I have a difficult time being as excited about it as I was last year before I gained a bunch of weight. (Note to self: work on the whole self image thing.)

Still, reading a comment from someone who called me “an inspiration” was truly inspiring to me, in turn (thank you, anonymous commenter!). So I will continue the journey.

So back to style: I’ve been thinking about costume jewelry and wondering, “how cheap is too cheap?” I bought a funky necklace at Kohl’s recently (wait, actually my mom bought it for me – thanks mom!), and my son gave me another one for Mother’s Day (thanks, mike!). They were $15 bucks each, and they sort of look it. So, do I look stylish or tacky? I don’t want to be some schoolmarm type who wears cheap, chunky beads and glasses on a chain. (Of course, that’s what I remember from being in school 30 years ago. Today, all my kids’ teachers are very fashionable.)

But back to my point: stylish or tacky? Check it out.




(Why why why are the two pictures of the necklaces upside down?! They weren’t when I took them. My kids could fix that for me, but God knows I can’t.)

What do you think? By the way, the picture of me wearing the necklace was taken just after my workout at the gym. Ignore the running bra…

Here’s one more pic of a “cheap” necklace.



Two Days in a Row… Whaaat? (Fist bump)

Writing a blog post yesterday gave me such pleasure, and I wanted to share something I’ve been thinking about in terms of taking care of myself. I met a couple of times with my trainer at the gym for life coaching recently (was that it? I can’t remember exactly what she called it…). One of the things we talked about was the joy I take in various things: family, work, hobbies, friends, etc. The question was asked several different ways so I could see trends appearing. I came to realize that I’m very happy with my

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