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Fashion Tip: Buy This Shirt Immediately

I’m still upset that, amidst all my comments, emails, and Facebook replies, not a single person gave me positive feedback on the wedge sneaker thing. I mean, really, there must be someone out there, one single person, who likes them for more mature women.

But I will put my pique aside for a moment to tell you about this delightful shirt. It’s the one I got for Mother’s Day along with the lace shorts (which I have still not worn). It’s another Free People top, under the FP Beach brand. Here’s why it’s awesome:

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5 (Long) Lessons Learned in My First Five Months

It’s kind of pathetic, actually, but I’ve been getting a little down on myself for my outfit choices lately, which means I’m taking this crap waaay too seriously. So I vowed to relax and take this journey as it comes, and guess what? I had a realization which none of you will likely find surprising but which was big news to me. Ready? This journey is exactly that: a journey. If I already knew everything about fashion, I wouldn’t have anything to write about! I’m exploring, learning, and having fun.

So, here are five things I’ve learned about myself and my style so far:
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Lace Skirt and Lawn Mowers (Only Peripherally Related)

I had an interesting talk with a friend about women and our bodies earlier this week. I was fretting again that posting pictures of my daily outfits is narcissistic. She was pointing out that in our society, the media, etc., we are conditioned to want to be thin, pretty, stylish, young. And yet we are not supposed to show the effort involved. We’re not supposed to be vain, and it’s supposed to look effortless. They’re conflicting messages. I think she had a good point. And if I think about it too much, it will scramble my brain, so I’m going to stop worrying about the whole narcissist thing and just have fun with my fashion journey.

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Dressing Nicely Screws up My Workout Mentality

This morning went all to hell: After I got the kids to school, I planned to run with the dogs, then return a book of swatches to the interior design place, then work & shower, then go to a meeting, then work some more. Instead, as Michael was running out the door to school, he suddenly stopped and said, “I think I’m gonna throw up.”

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