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5 (Long) Lessons Learned in My First Five Months

It’s kind of pathetic, actually, but I’ve been getting a little down on myself for my outfit choices lately, which means I’m taking this crap waaay too seriously. So I vowed to relax and take this journey as it comes, and guess what? I had a realization which none of you will likely find surprising but which was big news to me. Ready? This journey is exactly that: a journey. If I already knew everything about fashion, I wouldn’t have anything to write about! I’m exploring, learning, and having fun.

So, here are five things I’ve learned about myself and my style so far:
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Very Important Info and a Fashion Mistake

I’ll get the mistake out of the way. I don’t think today’s outfit worked in the least. I started with just the lace skirt (Anne Taylor, $79.50 but I got it on sale for $50ish), brown shirt ($78, Free People) and boots, with bare legs, but it was freezing cold, so I added the leggings and the jacket. I think the look is too random with all the separate pieces. Plus, all the brown is too dark for the cream-colored skirt. (You can’t see it with the jacket, but the shirt has pretty lace on the sleeves. Not exactly lace. But it’s pretty…)

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Well, S***, Crappy Days Happen

I have had the most frustrating day, which I will not get into, but suffice it to say: fashion cannot cure everything. It’s like an addiction, you know? You drink or gamble or eat or spend compulsively so you don’t have to feel your feelings, but — ta da! — the feelings are still there. So, crabby day and deciding what to wear did not make me feel any better.

My god, how shallow do I sound??? I mean, it’s not like I actually believe that clothes can solve all my problems. But they can make me feel better about myself, so even on a crappy day, at least I’m not feeling like a schlump, physically.

Anyway, here’s today’s choice of clothes.


I just don’t feel like finding links and prices, okay? But I can tell you that the shirt is Free People (of COURSE it is), the jeans are Hudson, and the shoes are Banana Republic.

If you read my recent postabout spending money on a pair of good jeans, these Hudsons are the ones I was talking about.

I wasn’t going to post this picture because I decided I don’t like the jacket. It’s several years old, from Anne Taylor loft. I wore it all day, then when I took the picture, I decided it looked ridiculous, especially with the long orange sleeves sticking out. Maybe that’s why I had such a crappy day… It was a crappy outfit choice! Just kidding, I’m not that shallow, remember?


Self-tanning Experiment: Epic Fail

Aargh! I hate writing posts on my iPad. I just wrote a nice long one about my family’s day trip to the lake, my straw cowboy hat, and my spray tan mishap and somehow lost it all. I’ll summarize: been experimenting sort of unsuccessful with spray tan. The color is great, but it’s really hard to get it even and smooth with no streaks. In fact, my kids say I overdid it and Paul says I look like a burn victim. He keeps asking me when my next skin graft is. Even I have to admit that I look a little, well, patchworked…





I think I’ll stick with my self tanning lotion, Jurgen’s Natural Glow. I don’t look exactly tan with it, but I don’t look fishy white, at least.