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The Jacket Makes the Outfit. And Rabbits Are Stylish, Too


free people shirt leather jacket


Last night I was sitting on the couch having a margarita and hanging out with the kids – I was actually working on this post until Lizzie grabbed my iPad and started searching keywords like “vicious casowaries” and “how to keep children as a pet” – when I got a text from a friend: “You’re going to book club, right?” Whoops, I had totally forgotten, so I wrote back saying I was hanging out on the couch and it had slipped my mind. She didn’t give me a choice, just wrote back saying, “I’ll pick you up in five minutes.” So off I went, in the above outfit (which I was already wearing, I didn’t even have time to change…)

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New Love: Drapey, Long Sweaters

I love this look, with the long, soft sweater. I never, ever would have chosen to even try it on, if it weren’t picked out for me by Liz, my fashion guru at Nordstrom. I bought two different ones.