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Excuses, a Gross Picture, and Sparkles

[Warning: there’s a gross picture of a leg injury below, so don’t scroll down if you’re squeamish.]

Anyway, it’s been awhile. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. It was summer and I was busy with kids and etc., plus not very excited about summer wardrobes. That’s the best part of my excuse (before the downward spiral began! That’s foreshadowing. My sixth grade English teacher would be proud of me).

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5 Fashion Tips from Nordstrom Liz! (Plus One Bonus)

I was so excited when Jennifer asked me to do a blog post for her with five fashion tips for Spring. I met Jennifer in January, and I have LOVED seeing her style transform from jeans and a t-shirt to a polished boho chic mom.

Before I launch into my five fashion tips, Jennifer asked me to write a short bio about myself. A lot of people ask me how I became a Personal Stylist, and everyone assumes that I must have studied fashion or had some glamorous job that landed me to my current position. But the truth is that I stumbled into this job. After graduating with my degree in Spanish Linguistics and Spanish Literature from CU, I quickly found out that the jobs I was qualified for sounded monotonous and boring, and I wanted more. I have always believed that if I have to devote 40 hours of my life every week to something, I HAVE to be happy doing it.

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Meet Nordstrom Liz

Darn, I had to take Michael to the Apple Store today, and the closest one is at the mall where Nordstrom Liz works. It was a bummer, but I tried to deal with it gracefully. After Michael took his broken ipod (the jack was broken, and even though he had dropped it and the screen was cracked, and it was eight months old, they gave him a brand new one), I went and met with Liz.
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And Now My Toes Look All F***ed Up…

Two days ago Mean Pinterest Girl got me down (but only for a little while, and then your outpouring of love and encouragement here and on Facebook boosted me up again), and then day before yesterday my toenail fell off, making it a little awkward to show my feet — and just when sandal weather has finally arrived! Oh well, not a big deal, except I have to wear comfy shoes for awhile, like these:


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Lace Shorts at Last! (I Look Like a Gladiator)

Happy Saturday, friends. At last it’s warm enough (sort of) for my new Free People lace shorts. I love them! I added a belt and some gladiator sandals ($29.99 from Target). With the sandals and the scalloped bottom of the shorts, don’t I look like an actual gladiator? I should have grabbed one of the kids’ swords.

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Fashion Tip: Buy This Shirt Immediately

I’m still upset that, amidst all my comments, emails, and Facebook replies, not a single person gave me positive feedback on the wedge sneaker thing. I mean, really, there must be someone out there, one single person, who likes them for more mature women.

But I will put my pique aside for a moment to tell you about this delightful shirt. It’s the one I got for Mother’s Day along with the lace shorts (which I have still not worn). It’s another Free People top, under the FP Beach brand. Here’s why it’s awesome:

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