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Flowers and Fingernails

This is so cool. I never normally get designs on my fingernails when I have a manicure. Usually I like a more minimalist look. But I read about this on Pinterest.

It’s an actual flower on my nail. You pick a tiny flower (of which there are an abundance here right now) and flatten it between two heavy books. I folded wax paper over the flower first so it wouldn’t stick to the pages. When it’s a little dried out, you paint you nail with one coat of polish and let it dry. Then add another coat of polish and, while still wet, tap the flower gently into place, making sure all the petals and leaves are stuck down in the wet polish. I used the pointy end of an orange stick to make sure I didn’t smudge the nail. Let it dry again, then put on a coat of clear top coat.

Once the top coat is dry, use a nail buffer to gently buff any rough edges off the flower that may be sticking up. I added another clear coat after that.

Might take some practice. I tried it once and made a gloppy mess. Last night I had better luck.